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  1. Haha Thanks Guys! Always a good laugh on here. Generally at me but it works. Im going to Florida the end of February. Cant come soon enough. And of course 4 days of fishing means I have to have like 400 flies only to use 3 lol. Such is life. Of course in April/May Im gonna visit Jam..that is if they will let me into the Country.
  2. Didnt want my image to be tainted anymore then it has.. I still can tie Saltwater so you can all stop worrying now!!
  3. I fish a 350 grain sinking line 6months out of the year in MI with a 10 wt. My preferred line is Coastal Express..mostly because of the temperature range. In any case, I am casting massive musky flies. Mostly 12" and over and an action similar to a throwing a wet sock. I can still get distance and it is a bit "harder" but its all relative. You will need to adjust your casting stroke to accommodate the sinking line, surface tension, and of course the fly. As Utyer mentioned if you get a few false casts going and the line moving you shouldnt have a problem with distance. Rod plays a huge role as well. I had mine custom made at Midwest Custom fly rods specifically around throwing sinking line. It made a huge difference in effort.
  4. Just my $.02 (which I always seem to have), I grew up fishing freshwater and now am completely obessed with Saltwater. In any case, while working at saltwater casting and through instruction of one of the best (Joe Mahler) I realized a lot of low side arm casting. Generally speaking its to keep your line low and out of the wind. Just something to think about as you practice. Truth be told I really dont have a clue what Im doing lol
  5. Thanks! Every once in a while I can lay it down right!
  6. Looking great Dave. Here is a shameless plug of my own here haha. Its a craft fur minnow I tie and have had luck with in FL http://wishinyouwerefishin.blogspot.com/2012/12/craft-fur-minnowbaitfish-sbs.html
  7. I dont think you offended anyone bud. They are just pointing out that you were tying a different style fly then an intruder. You certainly arent the first, I can promise you that. Plus jam and piker..ive known them on here for a while they deff didnt mean anything bad by it. We are all on here to learn! Nice fly, by the way. Maybe try tying the wing with a little less fiber. It'll swim better!
  8. Thanks!! Deer hair quality is almost always good in December in MI. They have their thick winter coats on. This guy is at the taxidermist, so roughly shoulders up is off limits!!
  9. HOLY SHIT!!! ITS DAVE!!! Sorry for swearing..but I was friggen worried after that last drag queen parade!! He just disappeared. Hope all is well my friend.
  10. General Practitioner Messed up on the head of this one a bit..should still fish. A random winged steelhead fly I tied up.
  11. I have the same one! Works pretty good. Recently got an ott lite on a black friday deal so Ive been using that more.
  12. Thanks everyone! Riff I wasnt too far from you! Hope all is well up there with you!
  13. Jam, those blue charm types are awesome! Better believe im gonna copy some of those!!
  14. Had a great weekend up north in Michigan this weekend! Went up Friday at the crack of dawn for Muzzleloader season. The weather was a blast. COLD but it snowed about 8-10" over the weekend. Hunting was great as well! Shot a nice doe on Friday evening and this buck on Saturday afternoon! Its always good to take a trip to a taxidermist, whether it is fishing or hunting!
  15. Jam, what did you use for the body on that fly??
  16. Jam!?!?! You can tie carp bugs?? haha looking good. And bassmouth! Looks good. From learning to tie them I know exactly how frustrating they can be. Here's a variety of flies. Need to work on better thread control and keep the head size down! Ill get there..
  17. Here is a great example..from today.
  18. I find them terribly annoying. Well at least the ones that keep surfacing for 5 years ago!
  19. Chefben4

    making a fly box

    Here is a DIY I did some time ago.. http://wishinyouwerefishin.blogspot.com/2012/01/diy-fly-box-on-budget.html
  20. I go through 5-10 bucktails a month on mostly musky flies! I agree with some of the other posters that its a staple in many tyers boxes.
  21. Been a month of so since I tied so it was nice to get back to it. Of course I started with a style of fly I have little experience tying. In any case, here they are!
  22. I only got a chance at top water twice this year. One of the days I had a bunch of follows from Musky but no takers.
  23. Thanks Flat Rock! Both of these were purchased by a guide out in California known for Shark Fishing.. Im hoping to get some success pictures from him!
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