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  1. A bunch of nice ties. Rick
  2. breambuster, have fun with them. I will with yours. Rick
  3. I messed up and sent 12. Don't send me back one of mine. Sorry for the trouble. Rick
  4. I am Ok if the swap is for 12 and it enus up with 13. Just tie 12 and don't get one of yours back. Rick
  5. Have Happy and safe New Year. Rick
  6. I would grab the stub with vice grips. Rick
  7. IN with a half and half. Ptn and wooly bugger mix Rick
  8. Got a very nice set of flies from Bream Buster. Rick
  9. RickZieger


    Have a safe and joyous Christmas Season. Rick
  10. Soft hackle punch yarn, silver flash rib and pheasant body feather hackle.
  11. St Nick delivered today. Thanks for your work. Rick
  12. Streamer from Materials on the desk. Critique welcome
  13. Beautiful fly. Critique, I can't tie them to put on my wall. Rick
  14. Woven wire with different underbodies. Rick
  15. Couple of weird bass bugs. build up some backing under the spaces of the large beads on the side before attaching beads on each side. Then a woolly bugger. Rick leg is off on the one with legs.
  16. peacock sword tail nymph, size 10 hook, bead head, Peacock sword tail, Ostrich herl body and soft hackle.
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