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  1. We have had steady 30 mph winds with gusts to 45 mph. Makes my casting much worse so I have not even tried.
  2. Here are flies I received at Sowbug. Also saw a lot of others tied.
  3. On my fifth try today I got on. Aren't computers great?
  4. I have received my order in a very short time. Also cold not send you a message. Rick
  5. I order hooks from wholesaleflycompany.com and some fly tying supplies from the Fly Tyers Dungeon. Rick
  6. Sorry to hear this.
  7. But Bryon, I might not make it to the pond. 🤣 Rick
  8. I tie most of my ants from the self liner stuff and tie a parachute hackle around the center. Rick
  9. Don't know the name of this fly Saw it online and then could not find it again. scud hook, gold or yellow biots tail, silver flash for body, 3 wraps yellow ostrich, bead head Also tie this with red ostrich for bluegills. Rick
  10. Just saw on a video. When wrapping wire on a hook, after you are done, use a file to take some of the material off on the end toward the bend to make a taper. He did this over about 2-3 wraps of wire. Rick
  11. Bully spiders non lead wire underbody, red chenille bodies, rubber legs
  12. Will be tying there in the mornings.
  13. I make a small noodle with the dubbing and then tie the end on to the hook. Then wrap the dubbin on the thread.
  14. I have been using 28 gauge wore for my brushes for the past few years. IU get to wrap tighter with this with very little weight difference.
  15. Another beautiful fly on a nice hook.
  16. From what I can see the whole sale fly hooks are like Dai-Riki were.
  17. I should have said that my leader are off 5 foot furled leaders. Rick
  18. I wrap the individual strands on different thread spools. Takes a little time, but it works. Then I can use them on a bobbin.
  19. 2 color worm size 10 hook, chenille color choice, wrap another chenille over hook shank, used estaz here. originals were tied longer, but these match the size I see falling out of trees here.
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