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  1. Spey fly hook: Daichi 2051 body: black floss ribs: embossed and oval tinsel, red floss hackle: black and natural ring neck rump wing: bronze mallard
  2. Thunder and Lightning tag: Silver and Yellow Floss. Tail: Topping, Indian Crow* Butt: Black Ostrich. Body: Black Floss Floss. Rib: Oval Silver* Hackle: Fiery Brown* Throat: Jay.* Wing: Blue, Scarlet and Yellow Goose, Bustard, GP Tail, Bronze Mallard over. Horns: Blue/Yellow Macaw *subbed golden pheasant breast for Fruit Crow, embossed tinsel for Oval, ginger variant for fiery brown hackle and blue Guinea for Jay. tied a Kelson wing of the thunder and lightning. I built the wing tips down for the first time, I’ll be honest, I’m gonna need the fish to convince me they prefer it this way. I found it much trickier to build and doesn’t have the ascetic I like but perhaps that is a lack of practice. I’ll wait till I get some Jay and a better coloured hackle and give this one another go but I think this one will fish.
  3. Thx Rick, that is interesting, I ordered a set of 30colours but that didn’t include white or black, lol
  4. Sorry It’s late, these guys are on their way to Nick now.
  5. Sculpzilla hooks: #4 octopus #2 straight eye body: barred olive zonker, hares ear plus under body head: brass cone, red Guinea, mallard flank feather, grizzly hen hackle.
  6. Swim coach Hooks : #6 and #4 straight eye hook Connection: 20# wire and a bead Tail: mixed ice dub, gold, black, red body: olive and brown Arctic Fox, olive and black mallard flank, gold ice dub head: olive arctic fox Eyes: 6mm
  7. Welcome, I've just gotten into Salmon flies the past few months. Look forward to chatting about these especially
  8. Looks like a great day, glad the fish liked those ties, they looked real fishy to me.
  9. I can’t tie small, 16 and under might as well be brain surgery. the no-hackle dry is also one I can’t seem to get right tho I’ve not spent too much time trying to nail it down
  10. I do enjoy a Squatch thumbs up, thx gents
  11. I tied one of these a few weeks ago, it’s been sitting on by the desk looking more like one to retie everyday. Got some feedback on the FB forum and gave it another attempt. I think this one turned out a little better Rosy Dawn Tag: Flat Gold. Tail: Golden Phesant Crest and Tippet. Butt: Black Ostrich. Body: Rear half Embossed Silver Tinsel, front half Oval gold tinsel, the joint butted with a magenta hackle. Throat: Magenta, then Light Blue. Wing: Two tippets veiled with married strands of Yellow, Scarlet, and Blue Swan, Golden Pheasant tail, a Topping over. Sides: Jungle Cock. Horns: Blue/Yellow Macaw
  12. Sorry gents, wasn’t sure if this one was a go, I’ll get them on the way to you by end of this week.
  13. Good note, I’ve gone back and added it to the last few. I always appreciate that you provide the recipe on your ties, should have thought to do this.
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