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  1. Golfing? I would much rather fling a buggy whip around than pay to chase a little white ball around. We had crappy weather at Mexico beach last month my two days there as well but I still got two firsts in the surf. A whiting and a flounder and battled a huge stingray for quite a while hoping for a big red to show.
  2. Caught a lot of fish on both and certainly started with the pole.
  3. Don't mess me up with car jokes. It's already hard enough with parking in the driveway and driving on the parkway.
  4. ATX how did the fishing go at P-Cola?
  5. Tenkara before tenkara was cool or pricey? Including a multi piece one.
  6. A little searching reveals little about what tenkara means. I'm guessing poor Asian fisherman who couldn't afford fancy expensive American/British fly fishing hobbies came up with a cheap version and then figured out to make dumb yanks drop $300 for a fancy cane pole. Hmmm, maybe tenkara mean "canepole with ferrules" which were the high end multi piece cane poles you could get when I was kid 50+ years ago. Today dumb yanks will drop $1000+ for a fancy fly rod with a name most people can't pronounce ( or know what it means either )either...but it's guaranteed to catch you more fish.....maybe...but I gotta have it just cuz!
  7. That's an eat me that reely says EAT ME! Be sure to post photos of the snook that do eat it.
  8. Sour cream, cream cheese, tiger sauce, crushed garlic. Mix it all together seasoning with the tiger sauce to your heat liking. Other things to add are diced onions, celery, and hey go for it. No rules...just keep some crackers handy to taste test as you go. I find if my fish doesn't have enough smoky flavor I'll add some liquid smoke. To add another dimension to it sometimes I dribble a little bit of almond extract in to make a gourmet dip. Hmmm, getting hungry just thinking about it.
  9. Nice tying area FB, humble is good. Too many un-humble snobs out there. What rifle is that brass from? Looks like 35 cal. or something good for deer.
  10. Funny but oh so true flytire. Wednesday will be my 20th anniversary. My wife loves the water, beach etc. but doesn't fish. However she does love to eat fish and doesn't give me much grief about fishing as long as I bring home dinner.
  11. Went to the panhandle last week. Lot of rain but did manage a couple of fly firsts. Got a whiting and a flounder in the surf. Not big but better than a sharp stick in the eye. Did get a bluefish, big needle fish and snagged a huge stingray, ugh! Had to break it off after a long fight hoping a big red would show instead.
  12. Nice fly tide. Gotta agree on the activity. Seems like so many like to look but don't post. 72000 views to 1200 posts and this is probably the friendliest site for activity compared to some I've been on.
  13. Saltybum

    Snake Fly

    Mogup show us some photos of the fish that have been eating that white snake.
  14. Just like wearing seatbelts in automobile. I think it's ridiculous to give someone a ticket for not wearing it while a guy riding a motorcycle doesn't even have to wear a helmet in some states. Me? I like my bones where they are and in one piece and always wear a belt plus wore an inflatable PFD when fishing alone. I do think radiation form a cell phone next to my brain may be more hazardous than an occasional use of a UV light to cure resin however.
  15. Interesting...usually things like the uv first end up in hardware and or craft stores then get a different label and an inflated price tag for the fly fishermen.
  16. He stated $8.10 is minimum wage in Florida and expected to actually receive about $6 an hour after with holdings. Do people NOT read everything carefully before commenting?
  17. If you punch a time clock take a photo before the end of the week for proof.
  18. Looking like the title of this swap fits in more ways than expected. Please show photos for those of us who didn't jump in the nightmare.
  19. Should be some kind of labor board to contact as well. A little investigation might reveal some illegals working there as well. Again as asked, what kind of work are you doing?
  20. Yes definitely needs more hair and yes I did bend the shank a couple times with the fugly too. I temporarily tied a small dumbbell eye under it towards the back for testing. Action was fair but not great. A bit more fine tuning needed. Not too bad for my first attempt at one these. I'm sure the next one ( or third ) will improve. An hour plus packing and trimming ( for me ) I can see why you won't find many up for sale. Already ordered some 55mm shanks. Oh, and I learned for the next one I'll tape over the hook point too while packing and stacking. Thanks Cream
  21. 55mm shank? I bought some 80mm for saltwater and what a bear packing hair on that thing. No where near as tight as yours. Threw like a rock. Felt like I needed my 10wt instead of the 8wt. So I've slimmed it down a bit but haven't re-tested it yet. BUT, I will get it figured out. Any tips are greatly appreciated Cream!
  22. East coast of Florida has deep inlets where they hang much deeper 8-15ft and in the surf where troughs can be 4-5 feet deep. West coast snook flies are usually quite small ( 1-3" ) and on the east coast when the mullet run starts usually in Sept. much larger mullet imitations ( 6-8" ) are preferred. Shrimp are always a choice snook bait as well.
  23. Well Dave I blind cast your crab today for a bit but no hits. Think I'll have to find someplace where I can wade that still has some redfish around and sight fish.
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