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  1. Hi, very interesting thread. While fishing in new zeeland this past winter (december) i fished with a guide on the lower mataura. We fished mayfly hatches during the day and a spinner fall in the evening. As it became Darker the spinner fall died out and the fish stopped rising. But at moments fish would jump like crazy out in the current, violent rises. As we talked about them the guide explained that They were chasing caddis pupa rapidly emerging and the fishes had no time to stop before breaking the surface. He gave me a small soft hackel in size 18 and instructed me to swing the fly down and across and at the middle of the drift slowly lift to Rod to force the fly to move up in the water. This turned out to be a very effective method imitating rapidly emerging caddis pupa. We had a great time and caught a few more fish before calling it a night.
  2. Gungner


    Those are awesome! Looks easy to Cast and should catch fish!
  3. Those look very Nice!! Would love to see some macro shots if you ever get a chance!
  4. They are a little bit bigger. But its not to bad! Great hooks! Knapek P is also a great curved hook. These hooks has a fairly large hook eye, this makes them great for bead patterns. I want to warn u guys about the knapek jigg hooks in size 12 and smaller. The eye is above the hook point, this makes it extremely Hard to hook fish!!! 👎
  5. It is pearl core braid. Or a similar material. Sweet stuff! http://hareline.com/pcb.html I like the chartruse color!
  6. This fly has caught me alot of fish! If you want to spice things up, tie it with red thread =)
  7. I can see the materialslist and tying instruktions and a few picuters! Very Nice fly, well done!!
  8. Great looking fly Terje! Can i ask how this rides in the water? Does it ride on/in/under the surface film? I'm looking for a caddis pupa that rides in the surface film =)
  9. E. Danica with a silicon-dubbing extended body. Realy like how These extended Bodies looks compared to the foam ones! -Mattias
  10. Very nice! Both flies and photos inspire me alot! Thanks for sharing! =) -Mattias
  11. A Semi-realistic emerger on the patridge klinkhammer hook size 16 with veli autti style legs. -Mattias
  12. Haha ok, sorry! It's Brown antron, about 2 cm long fibers in a dubbing loop that you cover the body with. Then you get you're lighter and burn the fibers. Should work with alot of synthetic dubbings, not just antron.
  13. Its nymph skin colored with a permanent marker in both of them. Or do you mean the "house"?
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