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  1. That Buffalo nickel was a very nice touch! I'm following this forum so I don't miss out on something like that one again..
  2. I use a $5 one mostly and it works great... Most resins set with the 405nm. I have a couple but the cheap one hasn't let me down yet. Single AA battery too.
  3. Thanks BB! They are an easy tie. If you are looking for one that is near indestructible, look up a thread frenchie! Thread and wire make up the body coated with UV resin. The tail and thorax can be gone and it will still catch fish.
  4. Welcome from another Coloradoan. If you get a chance, swing by the Orvis Park Meadows Fall Fly Tying Fanatics Fest Saturday, November 10th from 10:00 – 5:00. There will be about 30 tiers there throughout the day.
  5. I've been using Dai-Riki hooks with much success but it is getting more difficult to find them at the shop I frequent most. I just started tying on Firehole hooks and LOVE them.. really sharp!
  6. @B. LeBlanc What are you using for the tail & collar? Looks like some ginger hen fibers and possibly a dubbing rope of guard hair for the collar? They do look outstanding.
  7. @mikechell That's outside of the box! That would do just fine and he can either do a loop to loop and/or favorite knot to it... @chugbug27 those foam winders of something like this:
  8. Guys, I can't thank you enough for your help in understanding what MD is and the various ways to help. I truly appreciate you taking the time to reply.I'm going to buy several of the devices and have him test them out. If nothing else, I really don't mind tying bugs on for him, but do not want him to feel like he is putting me out by doing so. I look forward to having someone to fish with.
  9. I have an older lady friend who's husband hasn't fly fished in a number of years. I showed her some photos of a recent jaunt I made and she said her husband really enjoyed fly fishing, but just struggles with tying on bugs. Has anyone tried the C&F threaders, TyePro or the Orvis hook threader? I'm willing to go fish with him to help out but I'm sure he'd like some level of self sufficiency. Orvis C & F Threader Tyepro Thanks!
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