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  1. Must be full thanks, got the whole set today though so no tracking required! Thanks for a great swap all
  2. Is UV resin an ingredient if it is used to do more than secure the thread or materials where head cement, clear nail polish, or super glue could otherwise be used? My thought was that a UV resin "poxyback" wing case would count as an ingredient but not sure.
  3. I been away way too long. Im in!
  4. Haha damn elf on the shelf... ratted me out. Prolly spot on though
  5. Package here and "safe" under the tree. Always look forward to opening that one! Every time I unwrap an impressive surprise. Thanks to all especially Nick there's a lot that goes into this one
  6. Mine came today, thanks. Great looking set of very fishable stuff!
  7. put me down, I can send a box and I aint even laid off
  8. Ok, all flies have been sorted and sealed. Will ship tomorrow morning. Thanks to all who participated it is a nice blend of fishable flies. Few notes in general, no big deal but there were quite a few anomalies in the submissions. Please include return packaging, toe tags, return postage or $. Its all in the pinned post as a reminder. Again, the flies are top notch and I want to continue to encourage new swappers to join these things. One member was not able to submit it seems, so for submitting 13 flies you should have an extra in there
  9. DCGallim please check PM's
  10. Bryon Anderson and vicente I have yours, very nice
  11. professori and DarrellP your packages are here No mule deer or elk were harmed in the making of my rocky mountain adventure last week Great views, steep hills, hot food and good friends made it a success anyway
  12. Woodenlegs, dogfacedoc, and Johnw1986 I have all your packages. I leave tomorrow for a western hunting trip for a week. Wife will collect any that come to the house for me but I wont get through them until I get back. Please excuse this brief pause in my updates while I play hide and go seek on a mountain.
  13. Noahguides zonkers are in as well
  14. looks like this swap will have a nice mix of stuff. vicrider and fishingbobnelson yours are here too
  15. Got the first 2 sets today nice ties
  16. OK 13 it is, gotta cap er there though. I will add DarrellP to the swap, and everyone should send in a baker's dozen flies. Glad to see people excited to get in on a swap
  17. I will keep that in mind, it does happen from time to time
  18. Well I look forward to seeing your creation and fishing it with confidence. I'll try to imitate a few myself before I lose one and forget just what it was
  19. Yes that fills it, look forward to seeing everyones ties. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask, and check the sticky with standard swap procedures. I will PM shipping info
  20. Ok thanks guys, 3 spots still available
  21. Theres three more, glad to have you
  22. Ok got you guys I was thinking length of pinky, basically by small I mean under 3" tip to tail. No minimum size, so if you want to tie super small no problem
  23. This swap is for single hook streamers of any style, smaller than your pinky. Probably my favorite all around things to tie on, micro zonkers, little clousers, thunkercreeks, surf candy, hair wings, the list goes on and on. Get creative, sign up and see how well these things fish on the swing or my favorite, dead drift. No need to claim a specific pattern. Standard swap rules, international tyers welcome, NEW SWAPPERS ENCOURAGED TO JOIN! 13 spots have been filled, please submit 13 flies DUE DATE OCTOBER 26 SWAP IS FULL SM 1. vicrider RECEIVED 2. DCGallim 3. mikemac1 RECEIVED 4. professori RECEIVED 5. vicente RECEIVED 6. fishingbobnelson RECEIVED 7. Woodenlegs RECEIVED 8. Bryon Anderson RECEIVED 9. Noahguide RECEIVED 10. dogfacedoc RECEIVED 11. samsonboi RECEIVED 12. Johnw1986 RECEIVED 13. DarrellP RECEIVED
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