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  1. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  2. Hey all sorry I've been absent on this thread, busy weekend. From the sound of the masses, I think I'll just pick up a stockard or HMH one. I figured the regal one would be nice to go with my revolution, but sounds like the others are more versatile. Thank you guys for the help and your time.
  3. Does anyone know if Regal still makes the tube fly adapter for their vise? Also, does anyone here have experience with it?
  4. I found this after a quick google search: https://www.moonlightfeather.com/bulk-turkey-feathers/
  5. I use biogel gloves, but that's when I'm at work haha Look for tourniquet material that is disposable at a medical store, usually comes in about a 50-100yd amount and will last forever.
  6. Thank you Jp, the mack is easily one of my favorite patterns for the local waters here, it works really well for trout, as well as steelhead.
  7. Got mine in the mail the other day, awesome stuff as always! Thanks for the awesome swap Bryon.
  8. Spring break has given me some time to tie as well as have some fun at the end of the month tying night at the local shop. I'm just waiting for the rivers to slow down and lower a bit.
  9. I own a mongoose and love that vise to death!!! Just tied my largest on it, a 6/0 the other week and it held that fly harder than anything. Your design looks great my friend.
  10. J-vise hackle pliers are really sweet, and only $15 at that, although I'm not sure on shipping costs.
  11. On a day filled with spectroscopy and physics finals, Silk's humor is welcomed and very much appreciated. The vise you showed looks really awesome! I'm curious, the jaws look like mongoose jaws, which I'm curious if they are or if you used your mekanickel enginearing skillz to make yurs.
  12. I'd say - griffin mongoose ( I've tied sz 32 - 6/0 with ease) $195 at fly fish food - peak around $155
  13. My thought was that they were harder than the traditional as well. But the smaller point does sound like a good advantage. I just ordered a regal, but I think I'll upgrade to the stainless when the finances are in order. Thanks for the good info.
  14. What is the advantage of the stainless steel jaws versus the traditional jaws on a regal?
  15. Thanks for the heads-up RogueFlies -- I will post on here when they arrive. RogueFlies your package arrived safely --beautiful flies! Awesome!!! Glad they got their safe and sound. Thank you for the kind words, I'm excited to see everyone else's.
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