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  1. more than 25 years ago I to learned to fish a 14' 10wt. 2 hander on the beach and lower Delaware river (big water) for stripers. I used a fenwick that was made for overhead casting. I have found a Harrington 9'6" 9wt. for overhead 2 handed from the pacific coast to. the big rod delivers a head and running line out to 150+ feet when conditions are right.
  2. For finger lakes landlock salmon 12x long #2 and 1/0 blued hooks.
  3. a few I use in the finger lakes. these are tied on 12x long hooks for trolling but a 4-6x long hook would work in the streams.
  4. might be some croakers, sea trout, rays, mackerel, even a red or 2 there. no stripers at that time though. bluefish will be the best bet. poppers, clousers chart/white and orang/black, small deceivers in white/silver and small crab, shrimp patterns. a 8 wt should be good with a int. line and a sinktip. short 5' level leader in 20, 30 lb. with a short bite tippet 6" for blues
  5. I don't use either and tie up to 12" flies for musky
  6. its a real mess as of late, been real busy. desk is 3' x 7' , the room has spilled into living room and a lot of storage in basement. I have to much stuff but can't help it have to have more !!!
  7. and the poly dubbing, notice the thread color on label
  8. This was my choice for over 350,000 miles of getting out there and back. had to sell it this past spring and am using a ford 2wd van for now.
  9. I found using uv coatings do crack on poppers, they contract and expand to much from temp changes. also the crush force of some fish will do this. seen it on wood lures and bluefish.
  10. DRAGON WURM a mythical sea creature !
  11. Predators key in on 3 things eyes, tail outline and color. that's why try to use in my patterns.
  12. swing flies a brown trout and a rainbow.
  13. I have mustad open eye hooks from the 50's and 60's use them in certain situations. I like them for that.
  14. Round gobie need to do eyes on it yet. spineless articulation
  15. Gave these away today on a steelhead facebook site !
  16. stabgnid that fly will flip over the way you have the bead chain tied in, might want to tie the tail in the other way (flipped) so it rides with hair up when fished
  17. 5" long craft fur Hoh-Boh stile going up for sale on e-bay.
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