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  1. Swannundace "D" lace was the for runner to all of them came out in the 60's. Guy in jersey had some really good colors either in solid or trans-lucent. I still have a lot for sale.
  2. Philly wissahickon midge I know where that was taken from. never fished it though my buddy use to. some say there are a few wild ones in there yet.
  3. I have 9,10,12x tippet for small flies and a lot of these for fishing if I ever decide to go back to small fly fishing. where I am a size 16 is smallest I go now and size 12 is average to size 6 largest
  4. 10-12 weeks then they are caped out for feathers. commercials birds are used in pet foods not human. I prefer to wait till they are 1 year old letting them molt at least once. I had a rooster that went from dun colored wings and saddle to pure white after molting, My cree is 4 now and has turned darker with age.
  5. 28 royal, 26 bwo, 28 biot emerger, 28 trico, and a trio of bead head emergers in 26
  6. top hook is a mustad #22 dry and bottom one is a 18 gap with a large eye in gold, I have over a 1000 of these. last pic is of what I have left in mustad 28's
  7. The royal wulff is a size 28 mustad and proportioned just right
  8. Have over 60,000 patterns between books, magazines, Data Bases, on line. never will be able to tie them all because I add to this almost daily. several patterns of mine have been published over the years too. here is sample of one of mine
  9. this is one way I do it, my boat box, covers everything from blue-gill to small musky flies.
  10. I use 0.10 all the way down to 18 for nymphs and wets its fine enough. never in 50+ years have I seen anything less
  11. Epourus nymph from Schweiberts book " matching the Hatch"
  12. garter getting ready to shed and a rattler next to kayak (5 ft.)
  13. part 2 rest of dining room, still more in basement mostly extra large bins with material I collected over 50 years.
  14. being single for a long time, the room has expanded through the house, starting in the living room then to kitchen then whole dining room.
  15. just a few different ones: Chemung river bugger, march brown, Hendrickson wets, grannoms, and Magee wets
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