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  1. Nice work Mike. I always liked the thunder creeks patterns because they really catch fish and are durable. Years ago keeping the two bundles of hair colors separate was so difficult I didn't have many in my fly box. It is fairly easy to keep the hair separate now thanks to slipping a post-it-note in between the two colors before folding them back. Do you have keith's book, makes it easy to tie them.
  2. I'm curious as to why you don't think mice should float? Every mouse I've ever seen that's fallen in the water has swam right across the creek/pond on top of the water. Its a fact mice can't float. the fur sucks up water and they drown, they struggle (swim) as fast as they can to try and stay above the surface but they start to sink the moment they hit the water. watched them in a bucket do this
  3. Hurricane streamer (wonder streamer) originated by: Fred b. Fowler of Oquossoc, Maine in 1925. it is considered a productive fly for Land Lock Salmon in Maine. often tied as a tandom fly for trolling.
  4. Retro,You should turn this in to a contest! Alien flies from an egg sac! Kimo Awesome Cheers had a case of them from a broad I picked up in a bar ! UUUGHH gives the shivers just thinking of her with them.. A 2 paper bag night after drinking a case and rum
  5. mallard flat wings and dyed hornberg flies
  6. use them and have sold them as a dealer in the past except for the occasional eye open or point breaking they are good. made in korea, where is most others are made in china
  7. is that dark amber or light amber. I have all the colors of swannundaze. its amazing how they change with different under bodies
  8. I use craft fur that is 4" or better, some even 5" long sorry trade secret, but I do sell it
  9. Letobrancha Recurvata---(Dark Green Drake) size 8 and the real Mcoy !
  10. poop deck I use it streams, rivers and even big lakes. I'm disabled and the motor works wonders, also I troll flies for land lock 2mph and better for them. I would use it off the beach if I was closer
  11. # 4 Stone fly and the creature it represents. that's a size 12 dry fly hook above it.
  12. NuCanoe frontier with 30 lb elec. great boat.
  13. Dark horse streamer and a cutthroat streamer
  14. I use all the colors for bait fish and crab and crayfish patterns. also works in dubbing brushes to.
  15. Here in Pa most streams are loaded with Hellgramites and the bugger works great. other places might not have them and it doesn't work as well. crawfish are another one pa has lots of. a brown bugger works well to imitate them
  16. for natural looking eggs in Pa a cream/yellow in a size 16 or 18 will do.
  17. yes they spin when used with flys. also makes the fly lay on its side.
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