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  1. Very nice. I like the dubbin.
  2. I use 10 lb /+ mono. It lasts but needs to be replaced with each fish. I now use 10 inches of 10lb or 30 braid braid and it works well. I’m tying to ‘Eva Cassidy’ these days. Ever do that? She haunted some of my sales territory in the 90’s. Give a listen. Probably too dated for the young pups here. 😉
  3. Pickerel hit everything Bass, especially if its wearing a little white here or there. I bet they knock'em dead.
  4. Those are cute for Bass and Pickerel. I'd love to hear more about size and uses as you intended.
  5. Can We say Bass? Hmmm? That would kill Smallies.
  6. That is how I fish for gills and crappie with Royal Wulff and other wet flys. I just tug them under gently.
  7. Knarly can be awfully handy at times. Nice work. Pickerel and Crappy would kill this fly.
  8. Noah, Beautiful. I caught a number if bugs hovering around my boat last night that look exactly like McPhails Super Stretch Caddis. They were size 12 or 14 +/-.
  9. Scott, I'm too new to this to be any judge of quality. I find that if I shut up and listen I can benefit from this community immensely. I can be my own worst enemy when I stumble ahead on my own. It takes a little of both, I'm afraid, to win the war. Thanks. I can't wait to see this famous place. And I have at least two family members that will be just plain smitten.
  10. I'll mark these locations to visit fortunately for the fish I will have 4 adult and 4 kids tagging along and we won't fish much past our VRBO home. We will be checking out the Crystal Creek area for next year. I'll order the feathers. I'll brand new to CDC. I accidentally bought some dubbing in creamy yellow and I love it......very fishy.
  11. Okay, Voice of reason, Makes sense. I have yanked allot of Gills out of the stump field as well as, ironically, very large Golden Shiners.
  12. Sandan, These look nice, I do have some puffs ordered. I assume these would be pretty handy July 1st in the Ashton area, Henry's Fork? I'll be there for a week.
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