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  1. Question: I was given a deer tail by my grandson, he was so proud, I skinned it out and was careful to remove fat and flesh. Then I packed it with salt and put it in a baggie in my closet . Came back two months later and washed it well and dried it. Was that good enough or should I have used borax.
  2. Nice. Where is all the glue? I'd have ruined it by Schmearing goo all over it, that's talking like I could've tied it in the first place.
  3. That is a gorgeous fly.
  4. What is the post material? looks like CDC.
  5. Careful Mark or they'll be calling you a quack, lol. Novel idea. Hope it works for you.
  6. Careful Mark or they'll be calling you a quack, lol. Novel idea. Hope it works for you.
  7. Not terribly different than the pass lake depending on who's version you're looking at.
  8. Flytire great info. I’m so impressed with the New England styles. It will a long fun journey. hole punches work when they’re hungry.
  9. Thanks for the comfort. I try to not miss the spirit or intention of why a Fly Originator used this or that so that I stay on track with the parts that really matter. Once I have it down then I'm happy to adapt it to my local needs. Case in point. Yesterday the hot fly was two paper punch foams in yellow and also pink glued and tied to a size 16 hook. Those are awesome flies you posted.
  10. Flytire, Brown owl. But Niveker mentioned Grizzly King and I inquired the size he would recommend. Flytire have you used this improved version? Its pretty but not as buggy. The photo I posted is an example of how badly things can go wrong and it is my only attempt ever at tying a Brown Owl.
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