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  1. Hello mikemac1. Thank you for your information. I'll look into the book.
  2. Thank you blackfoots for your information. I have always liked these bushy floating flies and yes, they do float and catch trout.
  3. Thank you SBPatt for the pictures of your pattern. I never tied a pattern such as yours but I'll give it a try.
  4. Thank you Woodenlegs for your reply. I'll add these to my list to tie up.
  5. I enjoy tying and use the Stimulator and I know that there are others out there that fish the pattern also. I wanted to ask everyone, what are your favorite Stimulator colors?
  6. Thank you for the welcome Troutrtramp. Today will be a good day to start tying up my flies for this year since we're suppose to get about 12 inches of snow during the next two days.
  7. Thank you for you welcome skeet3t.
  8. Thank you mikechell for your welcome. Looking forward to being more involved on this site.
  9. Hello Chugbug 27. Thank you for your welcome.
  10. Thank you Rick Z for your welcome. How have you been?
  11. Glad to be here. Thank you for your welcome niveker. it's going to take me some time to learn how to reply properly to all who have welcomed me but I will learn.
  12. Thanks for the greeting Rick.

    How have you been? 

  13. All of my flies that I tie up are wet flies but even wet fly hackle isn't as cheap as it used to be. I used to tie 1000's of dry flies for my customers back in the 80's and into the late 90's and I couldn't do that now the way hackle prices are.
  14. I'm a fly fisherman as well as a tier with over 50 years of tying experience. My Wife gave me my first tying kit way back when we first started our 51 + years of happily married life, little did she know then what the outcome would be. Over the years I've tied for for shops in Colorado which are now gone. In 2005 I was taken ill by a muscular disease and that put a end to my fishing with a fly rod but now I use my spinning rod and bubble using wet flies. I still enjoy the thrill of the catch then the release of those Browns on our river nearby. I must admit I do on occasion get the occasional stares from the long rodders but that's ok. I started an at home mail order materials business which I enjoyed for many years until the medical problem hit me which during this time I made friends with many tiers from all over the United States and I still on occasion hear from them. I took up building fly rods for friends and that took off into a small custom rod building venture. I can't recall how many rods I built for both fly and spinning. I love tying up the wet flies for my Wife and I and I supply all of our children with wet flies for their fishing outings. My wife and I were on the river in September and she had a fantastic day. The first day out she hooked into and released a beautiful Brown Trout that went a little over five pounds the three days later we went back to the same area and she hooked onto another Brown Trout that was a little over three pounds and a week later we went to a lake in a wilderness area that was new to us and she was into Rainbows within ten minutes after out arrival. Long story short she out done me but that was great. Just to hear her excitement of catching those browns and the Rainbows made for a wonderful fall. The rainbows that she caught were on a fly of her design many years ago. I'm always looking for a new wet fly pattern and giving it a try. So many flies , so little time to use them all.
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