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  1. the psychic fair in our town was cancelled....due to unforeseen circumstances
  2. just curious if any one has tried the eyelash yarn i put in with the swap fly
  3. was in our local home depot . walked past a display of new floor mops . the mop knubs were almost 2 inches long so i had to buy one for 11.99. im sure the mop refills will be cheaper. nice gray color made for larger mop flies or even a wacky mop fly . mop head is about 2ft by 10 inches , a long time supply. only time i seen long mops bodies was from a truck dept that had 2inch bodies on a mitt used for washing big truck wheels and it was orange they work well tied on a 1/32 jighead with a # 4or 6 hook
  4. yes, happy birthday from illinois
  5. got mine, grandson immediately took byrons popper. perfect size for monster gills. nice tying everryone
  6. i have used patons bohemian chenille since 2010 its been discontinued since 2018. its used by rainys on richs ultimate worm. closest ive come to it is cozy occasion yarn or furl some yarn bee faux fur then trim it. good luck rich
  7. mine are done .will package today and mail monday
  8. is it too early for the night mouse fly bite ?
  9. palmer chenille has more flash but is stiiffer. ill add some eyelash yarn with each fly for the swap
  10. think it is the premier eyelash yarn. great stuff at 3.99for 200 yards
  11. i'm in with my new eyelash leech
  12. i have been playing with some ned style weighted flies. they might give you another road to go down. i use a 90 degree hook and tie a brass or copper nail to the bottom of shank. this has also lead me to using an aluminum roofing nail then it stands up on the bottom. for more weight i add a washer the size of the nail head. i do grind the nail shank flat on the part that i tie to the hook,and taper the point i call it the redneck ned rig
  13. all that satin material! the light blue works as a sexy shad pattern
  14. i have used the gamakatsu glo bug hook .short wide gap but they dont make bigger than a small size 2
  15. wanted to order some willowcat plastic bodies. close to a goby sculpin popular on the miss river
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