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  1. being in the carpet cleaning business, there would be no business if it wasnt for pets!. congrats on your new family member
  2. wow thats a shocker. prayers for a full recovery. grandson and i will fish tomorrow with some of the bear hair you sent him.
  3. epic day at some private ponds . finally the week of heat turned them on. fished 7amtill 1 with two anglers and my grandson. over 200 bass caught and released up to 3lb . almost all males12 to 15 inch . best flies were a ned style worm in black, and a tequelly. a new brown shiny mop fly body did wonders on the big gills.
  4. moody blues first concert of 2000 in the quad cities purchased my first cd there
  5. here in the midwest where ice keeps us from fly fishing dec thru mid march. tying is our fix to stay involved in fishing. . that makes it worth alot. would mike tie more flies if he couldnt fish for 3 months? well maybe before he got his workshop !
  6. whats the purpose of the cardboard?
  7. my first trip would be probably to the baja for roosterfish, second would be lake havasu for big gills 3rd peacock bass in florida
  8. i dont tie small flies much so leftover scraps are too small to use ,they get tossed.
  9. still not as bad as sending the swap flies to the wrong swapmeister.
  10. last year i was sending a brokrn rod back to tfo. they said only send it ups
  11. with that much material just be sure the hook is big enough
  12. for alot of my streamer i have used mustad34007 duratin hooks, mostly purchased at bass pro. last year they were 9-10 bucks a hundred sizes 6-1/0.few weeks ago they had only size 6which i didnt need. i looked online and they are over $20 per hundred. what do you recommend for freshwater streamer hooks in size 2,to 2/0?
  13. hope your sister recovers as fast as the flies got here. they are here . compliments to the tyers on jigs well done. thanks bb
  14. i understand the salt water being destructive but if the reel cant get wet how does one fish in the rain.?
  15. in illinois it has come down from 4.69 last week to 4.08 yesterday at wal mart. daughter just west of chicago found 3.98 last night.
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