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  1. my fav old rod is an eagle claw sweetheart rod. bout 6ft ,5wt i picked it up at a store closeout for 10 bucks back in the mid nineties. cheap rod it. dont mind keeping in my truck,if it gets damaged no problem.
  2. i think the forum is doing fine. most tyers are busy fishing, getting kids ready for school and college, . fly tying swaps are busier in the winter season,so i think its a summer slowdown.
  3. i use quite a few chatterbaits on regular gear. problem they have even with 1/4 to 1/2 ounce weight is they ride upon a retrieve .i would think a small blade ona fly would do the same . used to be a plastic disc or head that gave a fly a wiggle
  4. my wifes flowers were below par so is surprised her by adding some real bright fake flowers from the craft store[ had to check out the new yarns anyhow] neighbors are really complimenting her she justs says her husband has been helping.
  5. how is the book progressing . ? nice big cats
  6. the gray worm is yarn bee cozy occasion yarn[michaels] , black one is cloud 9 yarn, thick bodied one is hareline life flex with craft hair tail. now you can see that any woolly bugger pattern could be tied this way, even small craws to fish deep. so back to the swap i can swap individually 2 flies for two flies up to 4 tyers or we can do a regular group swap of 10
  7. thanks mike. i am really enjoying fishing these. i fish a pond that is 10 ftdeep. so i have a 9-10 ft leader.. cast out and just let it drop,if it doesnt go sideways before hitting bottom. let it sit for a minute and pop it up , repeat.
  8. had my daughter take a few pics . forwarded them to mike . all the flies have had at least half dozen fish.
  9. put on your thinking cap. place dumbell eye on table then stand a 90 degree hook with the hook bend at the top and the short shank to eye resting on table .will try toget a photo
  10. richmce

    My new shop

    i see you making ice fishing rods with those.add a reel and a little more taper and spring tip. nothing like getting a genuine florida ice fishing rod
  11. ned rig is a short 2 3/4 inch chunk of rubber on a mushroom jighead. the hook is a 90 degree bend so the hook shank is VERTICAL when it sits on the bottom. my friends have been slaying bass and big gills using them. so i tied up a fly tyers version and i think it works better. using a 1/0,or size one bare 90 degree hook i just secure a large dazl eye on the small shank by the eye.[ so the lead eye is the first thing to hit bottom ] then tie on your fav fly pattern. any bugger, tequelly, worm craw,or minnow pattern will work. i am looking for 4 tyers to do a personal swap . i will send you 2 and you send me 2. post up that your in and we can contact by private message.
  12. purple is a good color for flies. what color were the legs?
  13. those are ready to crawl off the table.. just wondering how a mop body would work on the gap side of hook
  14. you let the secret bait out! saw the cheetos in the background
  15. what a fun rod to cast and pull gills in with. for some reason the longer rod makes my loops tighter
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