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  1. for tyers block i just do one of my patterns but change colors or size or add more flash
  2. moshup, do you check your private messages
  3. used it both days this weekend, now i know why my arm is sore. anglers near me must wear sun glasses to avoid flashes, could be a good thing
  4. the mops are nice.one thing i have been doing to some of mine is trim the mop such as to a point in the tail or do the body in a V shape as you look at it. it changes the action and drop speed. medium blue mops were working the best today on my grandsons 6wt.
  5. usps delivered it today. rigged it up and used some of my larger eyelash flies on it. it was a joy to cast , just need to beef up my leader. and i can see it
  6. WOW i wanted bright color wraps so i could see it when i put it down by tall grass and cattails thank you covid relief
  7. during lent i stopped eating most sugars lost a few inches at the waist. and decided to keep up with a food intake modification , formerly known as diet. now go finish my new 8wt
  8. mike, i forgot to say i have a skein in light BLUE!
  9. the chenille i added is called pixie dust by premier yarns it is available at michaels.but it has over 400 yards to a skein ,so i had extra
  10. very close to the flat worm is one made from googan baits that i just got in the mail
  11. put me in . ive swappped flies with him before. should i send him a terrific trump topwater fly or a butt ugly biden bug lol
  12. i feel hijacked, but they are interesting
  13. janns netcraft has them as backorderable
  14. was at bass pro and cabelas, checked tackle warehouse,fish usa all are out of stock one online source said out tiill april 17. ebay had them but he wanted$ 24 for two bags which are normally 4.99 each
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