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  1. That's a good year end plan... I've been there only for business travel and haven't really stroll around the city but I was planning to go back there with my family.. you could also check this article I found online https://gowithguide.com/blog/tourism-in-singapore-statistics-2023-the-ultimate-guide-5549 Hope this might help you with your itinerary.
  2. Yes, These movies were my all time favorite. Bring so much memories and christmas feels!
  3. Same rick, Where are you spending your time? will you go travel?
  4. I love watching Christmas movies, what are your all time holiday favorite movies to watch? That would be a good way spening of christmas sounds more relaxing.
  5. Sounds like a good balance of getting some tasks done but also giving yourself permission to relax and recharge. Yard work and cleaning are always good projects to cross off but nothing wrong with cozy days in your recliner too. The week off between holidays is perfect for that mix of productivity and downtime.
  6. Those are such thoughtful ways to handle the holidays - limiting spending to what's needed and donating extra funds to good causes. Especially meaningful this time of year. I'm sure your friend and his wife really appreciate you taking the time to visit as well. Alzheimer's is so difficult to witness in a loved one. cherishing the present moments together is truly the best gift. Wishing you all peace and joy through the celebrations, and hoping for the best for your friend's health in the new year.
  7. That's really cool that you live so close to such an important historical site. I'd imagine the Christmas morning reenactment must be a really unique experience. Fingers crossed the river conditions allow for the crossing this year. It's great that you'll get to check it out after missing it last time. And I can understand still working through the winter months - it does help pass the time of year. hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays and celebrations!
  8. I hope it won't get snow so I can do something before the year ends.
  9. My family and I are planning going around Southeast Asia, we haven't been travelling together for years mostly we have our own plans solo travel most of the time but now we decided to be together during this year end. Have you been to Southeast Asian Countries?
  10. Why? what about Christmas and celebrating new year, you don't have any plans?
  11. What are your holiday plans before this year ends?
  12. Wishing you the best in finding a comfortable new wheelgun option. Maybe also check out some arthritis-friendly shooting gloves or grips as well to help ease shooting. Take care of your hands!
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