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  1. I have tried many of the options noted above with the exception of the FC spools , at the end of the day , I just let it unravel, heresy for and organization nut but I get tired of fooling with the spools.
  2. I love TMC 16/0 , bennechi 12/0 . Was not impressed with semper fi nano but TMC is hard to find out of production. Also really Iike mfc 8/0.
  3. Very well done , beautiful photos
  4. You can buy one at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone. I have several that Frank customized for me with a little notch to cut thread . He did this before he was retired and I had a chance to talk to him and his son. Frank was the inventor of this whip finisher that's become a standard for all tiers that use a tool versus hand whip finishing. He is a true gentleman and he had some neat stories about some other things he developed when he first started out e.g he made his own vise. His tools are old fashion quality and its one of my favorite tying possessions, I can understand why you want to replace. When he sent me my whip finisher , he included an extra stainless version with a nice note. I will never forget that , still have the letter.
  5. Have been very satisfied , prompt delivery,good quality.
  6. I have used drier sheets to block odors , works we'll.
  7. Those are both great looking set ups
  8. Wow those are some seriously well done mouse patterns .
  9. Thank you for the tip on these blades . I am going to try them , the price is terrific , and it will overcome my fear of splitting two sided blades and bleeding all over my tying table.
  10. So many good choices and opinions both in this forum and searching google . I use a Dyna King ( Ergonomic Supreme ) non rotary and really like it and don't see myself changing . However your question was specific to "good rotary " vises . I tied for years on a Renzetti 4000 and I thought it was a great product . It is very smooth , holds hooks well and has lot's of gadgets for the in line rotary tier , which I am not . I don't think you can go wrong with a Renzetti , Peak or Barracuda . Look at the clearance that you have between the arm of the vise and the back of hook. The space between the V in the shaft arm and the vice head can be restrictive to some . For example compare the Rezetti to the Griffin rotary and you will see there is some congestion in Griffin setup . Others may not have any issue with that Recommending a vise is like recommending a golf club , at the end of the day it's the operator and personal preference. Another point is how solid is the manufacturer if you encounter an issue . Renzetti is very good. Let us know what you decide on.
  11. The mulligan by Nathan Jorgensen , a must read !
  12. Ditto, saved me ordering another material that ends up in a bin in the furnace room used once .
  13. Great photos, history and buggy looking flies. Thank you for sharing
  14. You tied a nice fly that will catch fish and most importantly did not crowd the eye !!.
  15. These do work well , I don't have a big supply of them but agree very good way to go . Thanks for your reply
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