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Found 16 results

  1. I am new to the forum. I am looking for a basic materials kit, but one that doesn't come with a vise and tools! I already have a nice rotary vise and a nice tool kit. I want to tie some basic dries (Adams, Mosquito, Blue Wing Olive, Elk Hair Caddis). Is there a basic materials kit or am I better off just buying each component separately (thread, hackle, cement etc). The Adams body calls for "dubbed muskrat belly" but I remember using something else? Anyway, I am looking forward to getting back into this amazing hobby/obsession that we know as tying!
  2. Hi everyone! I am new to fly tying. (Aside from a brief class that I took about 30 years ago in eighth grade.) I do a lot of other craft/art/miniature work, so I am fairly good with tiny objects and handling different materials such as thread, wire, fur, etc. And as a result of those other hobbies...I have a variety of materials already on hand. My question is: Is there anything that I need to be aware of when using "non-fly tying" materials? For example: is the chenille I have from the local craft store any different than the stuff marketed for tying flies? Is the thread any different than sewing/quilting/etc thread? Is there any reason I can't wax the thread to help with fraying like I do when I sew? (light coat of beeswax) I have lots of metallic and other threads/flosses/yarns that seem like they would be perfect for some of the fly patterns but I don't know if they have to have any certain properties to handle being in the water? And wire...can I use craft wire? I have all sorts of different colors and gauges. (but it's not lead) I also have a ton of different beads...do they have to be reamed out on one side to use for heads, or am I getting too complicated? Thanks for any tips/suggestions. I am excited to start this new hobby (obsession?). -Abby : )
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if there are nay here who have contact with Bob Marriot's. I found them for the first time a little over 10 days ago now when looking for some specific materials. I found some likely looking dubbing and placed a small order. Now, I received my receipt, and the order was apparently placed, BUT. There was also a note saying that the cost of international postage would be passed on for additional payment, when the order is ready for shipment. So... It's been 11 days, and there has been no contact from the store, despite a couple of emails and even a post to their social media page. Does anyone have any idea bout how long I will need to wait? This is the first time I have any issues with a US-based company, and am really just hoping it's down to a communication breakdown. I understand you've just had Thanksgiving, but that was Friday just gone, so I'm not sure that is a reasonable explanation. If I can get any constructive thoughts on reasoning that would be great. A phone call will be an absolute last resort because of the time difference between Australia and US. Thank you
  4. Hello, can anyone help in identifying this fly? And/or the materials used to make its body? Also the thorax shell. I have tried grey ostrich, but the fibers seem to be too long. Can’t seem to find any information on it when searching. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey Everyone, Just signed up, what great site! I've been on here a bit for research in my fly tying endeavours. I would consider myself a novice fly tyer at best. Just getting away from the basic patterns and getting into tying streamers. I have a few questions on these patterns I came across. I love these flies but am having trouble figuring out the material used on these 2 patterns. I think the materials are mostly synthetics but I am not too familiar on what they are. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Kyle
  6. I'm an avid outdoorsman. I have access to different natural materials for tying flies. I recently obtained a skin from a turkey. I found many different types of feathers I think can be used in place of maribou. Has anyone ever tried using turkey down? And can it be dyed? If so, how.
  7. I really like the look of all these catgut flies but cant seem to find the material available from any US sources. I live in Central FL so my only option is online. All the sites I have found it at are in Europe and paying for shipping for a few bucks of catgut seems absurd. Anyone know of any domestic sites that stock the stuff?
  8. Other than Bass Pro or Cabelas, what other online stores would you guys recommend for buying materials. I just started and the local Cabelas here doesn't have squat, and we don't have any fly shops.
  9. It has been a minute since I've bought any materials online.I'm curious as to who has the best deals,quality,variety etc...Both for everyday flies and higher end stuff.Thanks!Steve
  10. Who has tried them? What are your thoughts on usability for tying. Photos top to bottom .5 oz Blaze 4 oz Aurora Both above compared to standard dubbing package.
  11. I find myself wanting to get a smaller thread for tying midges. What brand and size thread do yall use?
  12. Well hello guys, My Name is Miles and I'm from Derbyshire in the UK. I first used this site about 15 years ago when I was 14, 15 ish and I had just started tying flies! I ran a couple of swaps and got really into it. I then went off to uni and lost site of normality being engulfed with studies and alcohol, (mainly alcohol though!!). I then went and got married, and had a baby girl, and before I knew it I was separated from the wife and found I had a bit more time on my hands! For Christmas Dad went and got me a few bits and pieces to start off with so I thought I would post a few first attempts on here and open myself to comments and constructive criticism! Please feel free to comment! I'm going to have a go at a few parachutes tonight as Dad is off to Slovenia at the end of next month, (and doesn't tie as good as me!!) Kind Regards, Miles
  13. A little pick up today from our local craft and fabric chain store (Spotlight) $3 each. The one on the right for wiggle discs, but the one on the left was a purely instinctive impulse purchase. Any ideas? I thought they might make interesting crab bodies & I wonder if they would work as wobble discs. They are beads so there is a hole through the long axis.
  14. I want to change from my current wholesaler to a new one with a wide variety of tying materials. Mostly interested in rabbit skins, flashabous , Fish Skull products, and all manner of threads, chineills, and Hard as hull products. Thank you for the information. I hope you will welcome a jig tier. I would like to integrate some fly tying patterns and materials in to my work. My black perch appears on the cover of the Oct. issue of the "In- Fisherman" magazine. Also a photo of two of my most recent black perch ties. Thanks again
  15. I'm tying streamers for trout and smallmouth. I have been using marabou, bucktail, rabbit strips, etc. But I'm wondering if there is a better synthetic out there. There are SO MANY different synthetics in the catalogs and at the local fly shops, I don't know where to start. I have tried EP fibers (and similar FTD material), but it seems to tangle easily when fished in longer streamers. I tried the EP baitfish tying style and am not sure I like the way these swim. I'd like to imitate baby/small trout with ~ 3-4" streamer. If you were going to tie a 3 color bucktail type streamer, where the material extends a hook shank length beyong the bend, what is your choice of a swimmy synthetic that doesnt tangle or wrap around the hook? Thanks!
  16. I am new to fly tying, and I recently inherited a large amount of materials and tools. Some of it identified, most of it not. I have furs, feathers, hackles, dubbing... I wish I could ask the man who owned this stuff before me, but he has passed on to the great trout stream. I have been able to identify a lot of the pieces (hare, peacock eye, badger, polar bear, pheasant tail, and so on), but some pieces are beyond me. Is there a good book on identifying materials? Are there any super patient senior fly-tyers who can hep me out? I'd also like to know what flies I can tie with these materials, for instance, what on earth do you do with Australian opossum? I would be willing to trade some of the materials for some knowledge. I've attached a photo of one of the boxes I got (this one is the one with fur in it). I have 4 more of these boxes. Thanks in advance.
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