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  1. What kind of flies to bikes eat and are bikes good fighters????? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  2. I know this is an old post but in case there is someone out there with the same needs.......A Joe Brooks Blonde is another simple tie and has caught more than it's share of fish of many species. It can also be tied upside down to make it more weedless. They can also be tied with modern synthetics.
  3. I'm with you Mike.....I would probably never throw it. Even if I had a rod that could. That is a brute
  4. beautiful desk......I assume that either you are a beginning tyer or you are quite limited on what you tie. Not near enough storage
  5. As stated above many of my hair bugs have a naked face. I recently did coat the face of a couple of Taps bugs and I used Shoe Goo straight from the tube. I put a little on the end of my finger and I just spread it on the face of the bug. It set up quite fast and by the time I put the bug down the Goo had already firmed up enough that I did not need to put anything to hold the face in place. It does not produce as flat a face as Cream gets but it looks peachy to me. I have yet to fish one though. After the stuff dries a little it will peel right off of your finger. I do agree that a hair bug fishes different when it gets soaked up with water and is sometimes more effective than a bug that floats high and dry.
  6. Thata boy Rick!! I left that out of my description. Simple stuff and the first fly shown is absolutely the correct color...Yallar....
  7. Those are some nice ties and will catch fish. Look a lot like many of the flies in my box. It is apparent that there is more than one way to skin a cat.
  8. I am no scientist so I don't think climate change is real.........how stupid are these people. We are living with the beginning of this mess already. Of course the new pipeline will make the Koch brothers a lot richer and that is what is most important. They need to buy another picture of Billy the kid for over a million $$$$$
  9. my 6' rods are 2 piece but all the rest are now 4 piece. They cast great and much much much much easier to transport. Years ago I thought one piece rods were the way to go. Try taking one of those on a plane ride.......Did I say the 4 piece are easier to transport?
  10. Squirrel Zonkers also work well especially for smaller flies and not near as heavy as Rabbit.
  11. I caught several needle fish in the ML near NSB a couple of years ago. I was fishing for trout with a craft fur shrimp and they were hooked and not caught on the surface. I did catch them when retrieving the fly upstream in a tidal current. None of them were much longer than a foot. I also caught a few blues and trout in the same place
  12. If faster is better than why don't we all fish with long broom sticks? Where is the popcorn? I do prefer fast rods when fighting the wind like in the salt. But I also sometimes fish slow rods depending on my mood. In my hands a slow rod will not get the distance but I do find them a pleasure to swing.
  13. I use some EC hooks that are offset. I believe the number is 84 and I use them in both a bronze and a shiny plating for salt flies. I generally do straighten them but I doubt that they actually need straightened. I use the shiny plated versions where I would use a 3007 Mustad though the shank is just a little shorter but not much shorter. The problem is I have only found the shiny versions while in FL. They are not available here in middle TN
  14. Great SMB.....Maybe I need to tie up a couple of those.....
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