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  1. A couple of caddises, and a pheasant tail and starling soft hackle nymph. A few of many tied for an upcoming week in GSMNP. Great ties from everyone this month. Have enjoyed going through the previous pages.
  2. Thanks, Kimo! Look forward to seeing it.
  3. Some heavy, leech-y bugs for moving water bass and trout. Some 2s and 6s in there.
  4. Thanks, Mike. All these pics are my buddy Robb. I’ll catch something worth taking a photo with sooner or later 😁
  5. Took a rocket run up to the greater Atlanta area and met up with a new friend to chase Coosa Bass and Shoal Bass on Saturday. We started the day with a good hike to a small creek pretty far off the beaten path. Although stocked with trout by the state, it’s technically a warm water stream. You couldn’t tell, but it was. It was an odd feeling wading through schools of rainbow trout to cast to 6” Coosa bass, but the aggressive little fish were stunningly beautiful. Unfortunately they were spawning and not eating much, so I struck out. Robb managed one on a boogle big popper. Next time. Later in the day we changed spots... drastically. The new spot wasn’t so much a creek as a small river, and rather than gravely easily waded bottom, we faced huge slabs of granite bedrock. The cracks and crevices and undercuts here make perfect habitat for shoal bass. I managed a few smaller fish, including my first shoalie and my first spotted bass. Of course, the photo I took of my largest fish, a nice 10” shoalie, didn’t turn out. look forward to trying again soon!
  6. Y’all crack me up 😆 That’s seriously cool Mark. Is it pretty stable or falling apart after all those years?
  7. FRN, I’ll message you when I get a break in custom swimmers for sure! Vicente, interesting I hadn’t considered it. I don’t currently have a way to turn them, but if I did that, I wonder how the flex coat compares to the epoxies most builders use.
  8. Thanks! It’s the first one I’ve seen others have success with! I have sold just a couple since then, and that one I actually gave to a coworker. If you mean the paint job, I don’t really have a name for it. If you mean the clear coat, it’s KBS diamondclear Moisture cured urethane. It’s not the best choice but it’s what I have for now. Hoping to get a uv setup to dip them in thin resin and hang to cure.
  9. Ha, I don’t have a YouTube channel, but watch Marling Baits if you don’t already. I’d be more than happy to chat about it though.
  10. Many wild bird species molt essential feathers constantly, so that they always have enough to use them. Some birds will molt dramatically to “color up” but it does not generally affect the flight feathers. Interesting observations! Maybe you’ll find one you can score some feathers off of soon. You should be good to take what you please from game animals you find deceased, but a call to local Fish and Game LEO will clear it up for sure. Just don’t touch the pretty songbirds and birds of prey. The feather police are out there. They’re always watching. 😁👀
  11. Thanks, Mark! Vicente, it’s great to be back! Appreciate the compliment!
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