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  1. I like admire them for a while. But when some-one i like comes along and likes it i usually give it to them. It use to be a good way to force me to go make another one.
  2. I have not been down that way since High School...I envy you...specially for getting to video it and make it permanent. Thank-you for the memories.
  3. DrVette

    OT Eclipse viewing

    Islander, I also love that. We found a shadow from a tree that would glimmer the crescents. I thought my brother video taped it but it looks like he just took a few stills to save his memory space. They do not show anywhere near as well as your demo did. If i PM you my email would you consider letting me post those first 2 pics to my facebook page to try to show what look for in his pics? I am still trying to get my brother to email me the vids and pics he took also...He can be a brat and is claiming my 30seconds of getting my sunglasses untangled from my ear buds cost us spending hours in grid lock...i don't feel like fighting him on it and he keeps pushing. I hope i can get his...But the memory...i spent hours in grid lock reflecting on what i saw. I hope i never loose that.
  4. Well i do need to quitt smoking! It is life or death since having Adenocarcinoma in my right lung. They took most of the right lung after an inept nurse pulled my chest tubes straight and hard instead of slow and loose. The bad thing, she was teaching another nurse how to to do it wrong. The newbee nurse and i became friends shortly after. I coerced her to pull the tubes the way the docs explained not the other. She grew a pair that day and went right to it with me coaching...It was weird but cool. She did it perfectly from my perspective...All 3 of my pulmonary docs gave me thanks for helping her. She was almost the timid door mouse, but could rise when challenged...That is my definition of a true heart. I hope she did well after that...she was freaked-out over what i went through. After that??? I wonder??? But i doubt i would change even if i could...it just seems too late to bother with now...maybe 20 years ago??? IDK??? It is almost impossible to describe the feeling of surviving and not having a real life. You quitt caring. There are ALWAYS those little psych things that gnaw at you even though you may never see them. Good counseling is a must for success here. You have a tough road that YOU have chosen...If you are serious, you must get help and work with them so you COMPLETELY understand what you MUST do with them and not against them. The younger you are...the harder you must fight for that future life and leave the reaper standing there frying in the good ole sunshine that calls you to work. If you are not happy there (your work life)it is doubtful that you ever will succeed, so follow those dreams that expand you to new experiences. That should give you a good reward feeling to overcome the other BS. I actually quitt smoking buds in 1986...Even today that i can legally grow i will not smoke it. I strip it down into an extract that no-one knows what to do with...except me. I require this to stop swelling and bruising along with seizure control, glaucoma pressure reduction...My doc still freaks on that and gives me all sorts of strange tests for free...he writes it off as research. The cancers are all in remission/cured from genetic testing...except that Basil Cell Carcinoma on my scalp. they are sending me to yet another specialist for that in Nov.???will i still be alive then???IDK??? But a lot of this could have been avoided,or at least mitigated, If i had quitt when i was 20 or even 30. I hope you choose more wisely than I did. Good luck and i seriously wish you the strength of heart and soul to make this giant little pest get out of your life for good.
  5. I just want find one good size (3-4lbs) golden trout taken from Colorado waters...I have been trying to figure this one out for about 12-15 years now. So far the best (and only)plan is to stock some in some high inaccessible waters...But that is bad on MANY levels...and i doubt anyone sells fingerlings of golden trout.. i never looked because i might get more tempted. So if anyone has caught a golden trout in Colorado PLEASE tell me where...I just need a pic of a nice one before i send it back to swim on. But that bison...looks like dinner on the hoof to me.
  6. DrVette

    OT Eclipse viewing

    Getting the kids' interest...BEYOND cool. Keep them dreaming till they find their star...Ya never know, it could happen in a few decades that they go there.
  7. DrVette

    OT Eclipse viewing

    Sorry to hear about the rain...We were scared because of all the weird storms we have had this summer. But we got lucky and i got to see it. I have been fighting 3 types of cancer since 2011...They said i had less than a 20% chance of living 2 years. Now they want to know more about the extract i make from my greenhouse. They say the OH in it may be hurting my liver...Like they ever cared about that while filling me with steroids and chemo...Then they introduce more steroids while explaining that i have to sit under a radioactive source that will fry things in my chest. They never tell you about the burned esophagus, tertiary arteriole scarring, nor the burned diaphragm that burns worst than meanest heartburn you could experience. Now they wonder why my potassium levels can drop to 1.5 and i am still walking and talking. You are supposed to die around 2.5 So i can't count on a future date...The last 3 times i was in the hospital they were fighting me tooth and nail...It had to do with being declared a falling hazard. That made me so mad i got out of that bed and went looking for the charge nurse. I wanted to kill her and they couldn't force me back in that bed till i won. She caved...But i doubt i could have done anything worse that kick her in the shin...And even that would have been laughable. I am a small shell of who i used to be.
  8. DrVette

    OT Eclipse viewing

    Yeah, My helmet is auto flip from 12 to 14 (arc VS mig). But honestly i had the glasses also but the helmet was a weird green that wasn't clear enough (i have glaucoma and bad eyes) but the glasses we picked were more red and yellow giving a better view. But at the last second when the zenith reached totality you couldn't see anything through either set. I took off my glasses and realized it was dark out again like very early sunrise. But when you looked at the sun directly (no lenses) It was comfortable and easy. The moon was deflecting all of the harmful light and leaves a very cool view you can watch safely with straight eyes...Just remember that protection only lasts untill the sun pops again then you MUST have safe lenses again.
  9. DrVette

    OT Eclipse viewing

    Well i (and my brother) drove about 350 miles North to Glendo WY Sunday night. Left about 11pm And got there about 3:30AM. Seeing shadows of leaves on the side walk looking like about 30-40 little partial eclipses shimmering. I will work on Ted to get some video of that. The weird thing was a young buck deer crashing into the field we were setting things up at. Several moved because of it. That was about 60% at the time. Seeing the last little part of the sun dissapear meant you had to take the glasses off (or arc welding helmet like me). It was WEIRD to the Nth. We were sitting in twilight at 11:40 AM. You could look right at the sun (no lenses) with NO problem for about 2 minutes. The Coronal Mass ejections at the time gave 3 very distinct emissions. This was my first (and probably only) complete eclipse. It is weird hearing 15-20K people honking their horns and cheering (in town pop. 180ish)...It was something very different to experience...I am just glad the Dark Side of The Moon tour T-shirt was met with a couple of hundred people telling me that was best shirt for the day...i even met the Governor of WY there...it was almost surrealist. I just wish i had taken George...A Madagascar ground boa is almost as rare as an eclipse. The trip home blew chunks...Almost 200 miles of mostly stopped interstate traffic. I have never even thought that could get that bad...Almost 13hours to get home...It was CRAZY but cool. I just wish i could have spent the morning fishing...But then i would have missed a lot of cool things. You have to try this once in your life...There are some astrophysics that still cant say they have seen totality.
  10. Actually i like that idea of a practice "rod". I built something vaguely along those lines from a broken boo rod and yarn. The yarn flies different and really makes you pay attention to your entire cast. And you can catch kitty cats around here. But seriously, I like wii idea. All N64 added was a vibrating pack. When i had eye surgery (years ago) i spent several weeks playing Zelda. Kept going back to fish or shoot arrows. That was about 20 years ago. If some-one set-up streams, rivers, ponds and lakes with the newer capabilities it seems like you could make a great fly-fishing game. It would help me since i can't really get out to the waters lately.
  11. Sir ... I don't think you fully understand the concept of "Positive Reinforcement" !!! A taser definitely does NOT qualify as "Positive Reinforcement" !!! Mike is completely right according to my years at University... You describe negative reinforcement. Which can be useful at times. I get the humor every-one is adding. It is pretty cool. But i am serious...If someone can develop a serious interactive system that is close to fly-fishing (telling you when you miscast and stuff) it would be a great thing. I just have no idea how to even begin planning such a thing, much less build it. I would just want want mountain streams and lots of spooky trout...prefer brookies, bows and a few holds of browns.
  12. You know...a short rod/real with sensors and feed-back would do so much to help a lot more people than you think. Does anyone have the ability to build that?
  13. They're finally releasing that computer generating choose your waters grip & dial in your fly line, dial in your fly choice rod & reel for fly fishing ! This must be in the tens of thousands for an unusual vacation in futuristic water loss & depletions...... Combine that with a real/rod feedback (Nintendo64 games had something for bass fishing) and i would love it. being home bound due to health i cry the most to go fishing. A good fly fishing game like that would be a relief of sorts for me and how many others? Maybe a good training/teaching tool as well???
  14. That sounds like this Musso guy running firework stands in the area. He had so many complaints about not paying workers that the local cops all got together over three counties and busted him hard on lic. issues. They confiscated EVERYTHING and shut him down...About 10 years late from my view. File complaints with every-one you can find. When they get sick and tired of the complaints they might do something. Given the current political situation a call to ICE might get you more reward than the wages???
  15. Because Carpet beetles only forage on dander, and small decaying particles. I don't care how clean you think your place is (unless you have a way to live under pressure or vacuum) you will have some kind of similar feeding insect at sizes so small you won't see. A couple of years ago i started having a crazy fit itching thing going on. There was nothing to see. I picked up something they called fungus fleas...They are more of an ant from what i saw in the slides...but what do i know. Even at 40x they just look like a spot, you have to go 100x + to see any features. That was when i added boric acid my DE scrub. The 2 combined will kill most small pests. But you have to apply it so it does not get airborne. Shake a little of both over an area. Work it very well with a STIFF broom, then light vacuum. You should do this after a heavy vacuum and/or shampoo. If you shampoo make certain you wait several days (or more) untill totally dry. One more heavy vacuum then apply. If you do it this way very little of the DE or boric acid ever becomes airborne. In those limited amounts they don't have any known health risks. I am in year 6 of fighting lung cancer...they actually had me make a "shake" that had DE in it to help clean me out after radiation. I found out that the slurry they had he drink to help keep my throat open had boric acid in it in a high concentration. The bird cage spray is formulated for living bird safety...it works well on their feathers. Why wouldn't you at least try looking it up on the net for verification? I think it is your best option when mixed with flea collar sections...Yes you can cut them into smaller pieces but they won't last quite as long(you lose about 20%).
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