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  1. Nice Ties Will have to tie a few Cascades and LT Specials for the upcoming season.
  2. Nice selection so far, this is my Swiss Master Vise
  3. I use a 7'9" 3w for trout, it works great, especially after cutting a couple of yards off of the WF line. I would consider lighter but not heavier for the trout I am fishing.
  4. Another vote for the Peak, it's a nice vise regardless of price.
  5. Great Thread! Really nice to see that you had recaptures, catch & release is paying off
  6. Mine made it today, great ties everyone! Thanks for hosting and thanks for the extra hooks
  7. I received the flies yesterday, nice ties everyone Thanks for hosting!
  8. I like it as well, looks like a nice pattern! The eye of the hook seems a bit crowded, but that can be a personal preference. Have you tried it yet? I suspect it would fish well
  9. Nicely worded. CCG/Brian I have PM'd you, interested in a product/container combo that is not currently listed on the website.
  10. Mine made it today, a very nice set of flies Thanks for hosting!
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