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  1. Micke you tie a lovely fly are these your own patterns as they are almost like a cross between a teal/blue and silver and a kate mclaren very nice :thumbsup:
  2. Hi fred Its been a while, just love your ant looks real fishy
  3. I have around the 5000 mark not to sure havent counted them but it,s a lot I tie most days some times only a few other times dozens if I like the pattern,mostly dries and cdc,s anything from size size 10 down to size 16
  4. Hi I like both dubbed and quill When I use quill I put a very fine wire rib up the body I use old transistor wire which is around half a mm thick and is very strong for its thickness this just helps make the fly last a bit longer
  5. Your pattern is a winner in my book well tied sir
  6. Thank you for this tip your step by step makes it look easy I tie a lot of hoppers and I think these legs will look better than phesant tail fibres thanks again jim
  7. I would have to say hoppers for me and anything with c.d.c.
  8. nice fish what did it take ? did you keep it
  9. The salmon season has started just waiting on the trout season to begin
  10. Hi, do you mean when you say trout turn to meat eaters that they turn in to ferrox "ferrox is the term we use when trout start to become like fresh water pike they eateverything which they can get" over here they are pretty rare but they do exist there are several dedicated groups that fish for them in our deep lochs
  11. Hi when do you guys/girls start fishing I start on the 1st of march at a syndicate loch that I am involved in oh man I cant wait to wet a fly again winter always seems a long draw out affair so it will be nice to get back to the thing I love
  12. Very nice,Could I ask what the wings are made of they look very nice jim
  13. Hi all I am just curious as to how people plan what they are going to tie.I am a new commer to realistic fly tying and am just curious how established tiers go about planing there next project eg choosing what to tie getting scale drawings etc I have been looking in several photographic sites for examples of what to tie so is this the correct way to start? I would be grateful for all your tips and methods cheers jim
  14. That is amazing I have only tied a couple of realistic flys I think your fly is great cheers jim
  15. I am stunned by the detail you have got there, Do you have to change the fly often thinking the fish may rip them apart ( not trying to be disrespectful or any thing ) just curious looks a great pattern jim
  16. I love to tie "cdc hoppers ", buzzers, hackled hoppers any thing that I think will work for me
  17. I find your comments very real to life,I dont mind if people suggest or criticize my flies as I find it an learning process and will make changes if I think they have a point I think there is a point being missed here basically we all enjoy Tying flies I know personally speaking that when I tie flies I find it the most relaxing thing I can do apart from sleeping we all love to fish and feel even better if you catch on one of your own flies, there is nothing wrong with a little advice or suggestions being posted it all helps to improve the skill which is abundant on this terrific site . I am |a member of another site in the uk and it is like cloak and dagger to obtain advice or suggestions this is why I think this site is Brilliant as people are friendly and are free with advcie etc
  18. just wondering? do you all twist the peacock herl before wrapping it on to your fly?
  19. Hi all I have only tied two realistic flies so far, I am only speaking for myself I would rather people would say exactly what was wrong with my flies eg proportions,size etc as I think this is the best way to learn"constructive criticism" I think people new to realistic fly tying can learn lots from more experienced tiers if they don't mind sharing there knowledge and this has been the case so far.
  20. surprised there is no camera shake :hyst:
  21. Hi flygirl hope you wear a life vest when your fishing I was once caught out very badly when float tube fishing I hooked my tube and caused a huge hole to appear when I was well out in the lake I was fishing I only just made it to shore I didnt have a vest on at the time but I always wear one now
  22. I like it a lot could you be so kind and list materials etc nice tie mate :thumbup:
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