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  1. I'm new to tube flies. I see a lot of discs on tube flies, do I need discs? I know I can tie them without but what are the benefits? Where do you get yours?
  2. Great ideas everyone, thanks. Sterlite is probably the most accessible for me. I will check them out.
  3. I'm currently using a copier paper box for my materials storage. I'm looking for something that stacks and can double the space for under $100- what ideas do you have?
  4. I like shokz a lot for most of what I listen to. I also have a pair of noise cancelling sennheiser headphones that I've had for about 5 years now. Check out the wire cutter for other reviews, that's how I found the sennheisers
  5. I looked and can unfollow PM's from people but not when I subscribe to the patterns, my other choice is to have my account erased I guess
  6. How do I un-follow a member? I would like to not receive emails when additional patterns are posted. thanks
  7. I would purchase AK Best's book Bleaching and Dying. You can mess around with kool-aid or ritt dye works very well.
  8. Check out the Moto minnow- use pheasant marabou and other feathers for the entire fly.
  9. If the nut is not tightened sufficiently the arm can move. However when it is snugged down with a hex key/allen it does not go anywhere. I'm a bit surprised that Renzetti put more options for positioning the arm into the 2000 than the 4000. The jaws are essentially the same. It is a great vice.
  10. From Field to Fly This book is pretty helpful
  11. Check out the moto minnow. Pheasant marabou is awesome stuff.
  12. 1) Check out Don Bastian's DVD's & his web page 2) Davie McPhail on Youtube with wet flies Materials make a huge difference
  13. I have the Dyna-King and really like it. I cannot comment on the Renzetti but I believe the Dyna-king has better adjust-ability without using tools. It also has superior hook holding power in my opinion due to the hook pockets (I think Renzetti has smooth jaws. I tied on a Griffin Patriot and really came to appreciate it as an underated performer that also had smooth jaws. Really you will do well no matter what you choose. If you are going to go larger with hook size go with Dyna-king but it can handle all sizes. I would also question what a pro version would give you over each of these vises.
  14. I grant you it certainly does not look like a lot - I googled it and here are some links to other pics with about the same amount. I think this is how the packages come. http://www.ebay.com/itm/CDC-OILER-PUFFS-17-COLORS-17-PACKS-Fly-Tying-Lot-NIP-/280581933064 http://www.graygoatflyfishing.com/products-page/hareline-dubbin/cdc-oiler-puffs/ I recently bought some Marc Petti Jean CDC- decent amount but expensive however I believe it was worth it.
  15. http://globalflyfisher.com/tiebetter/tying_station/ There are several others on google- are you trying to make a bench or the pedestal itself? I would like to find a metal sleeve for the vise stem I can insert into stone or wood.
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