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  1. Iv'e always had my doubts about the claims of the hook "rusting out". For some reason if you google the subject there is suprisingly little, or maybe that should be not suprisingly little subject research in the angling community. What research there is seems to suggest that hooks don't rust out in a few days. Inspite of a life long catch and release mentality, I have always had a deep down notion that any fish gut hooked won't last long with the hook left in it. Back to your question as it relates to this, stainless steel would not seem to be a good choice, if gut hooking was a concern.
  2. Hi, I grew up fishing the Mud flats around Portsmouth UK. Never fly fished, in my neighbourhood not owning a royal estate meant my fly fishing opportunities were nil. Moved stateside 22 years ago, I took up fishing again 10 years ago when one of my children showed an interest, got into fly fishing 2 years ago when her interest in fishing wained. I have been tying for 18 months. Now I fish a couple of local streams for stocked trout there is also decent small mouth action in state, I'm also close to a year round fly fishing only section in PA.
  3. Almost two years, I had always wanted to try fly fishing. I took fly fishing class at my local club, and got into tying about 2 moths later.
  4. As a beginner some of the best advice I recieved was to tie only what I would use to fish my local streams, even doing that it has not taken long to build up a decent inventory of materials. Most of the kits seem to have a lot of material that would not be of much use to me, so I never took that road. Like all tackle and materials, its not just designed to attract fish. Beside all that I would avoid any deal where the sellers choice was to send you Whiting or Metz hackle, now let me guess which will they send, there is a difference.
  5. Buy from a local store if you have one.
  6. I started with basic fly tying from stackpole books, once I could tie the flys illustrated, I bought the bench side introduction to fly tying, the one with the split pages. I also made my own binder of pages printed from the www.
  7. My Local fly shop let me try the vices in my price range, I decided on the Danvise. I love it.
  8. Iv'e been tying some beadhead pheasant tails.
  9. http://www.linesend.com/product/whiting_coop.shtml This may be a good way to go, you get more than the 100 pack, and good choices to get you started, all for less than $50.00
  10. As A beginner on a low budget, my local store owner let me try a number of vices in my price range. I went with the dan vise and have been very happy.
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