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  1. The Lords are leapin'! No, wait, that's a song. Actually, the Dark Lords have left the building and are on their way.
  2. David, I'm in with Hart's Dark Lord. Killer pattern and super effective!
  3. Sweet! Thanks for the awesome set (and box). Can't wait to hit the water ASAP :-)
  4. Received a fabulous set of flies from this swap, but I have a confession. Amidst the onslaught of children, grandchildren, cousins, nephews, nieces, et. al, the wrapping paper (and most importantly, name tag) got tossed into recycle, which means I don't remember who gave me this way cool box and flies. So THANK YOU to the one responsible for this gift (who was it???), and THANKS to vicrider for hosting. Happy New Year!
  5. Ha, yeah. BBQ was Bob's idea, although he got no argument from me :-)
  6. Some REALLY nice flies are now in hand. Wow. fishingbob and I did a tag team with the sending and receiving of the flies, and I finally had a chance to meet him for lunch (super tasty BBQ) and take the handoff. Thanks Piker for hosting. Great idea. Can't wait to get to the water with these in hand.
  7. Had the privilege of meeting up with fishingbob for an awesome BBQ lunch (you know nothing says Christmas like smoked brisket), and picked up a gorgeous set of caddis. Thanks Bob for hosting and the Christmas goodies :-)
  8. Ha! Came pretty close. I could almost float my kayak in the backyard yesterday :-0
  9. It's starting to look a lot like Christmas... Nicely wrapped package arrived in the mail. It's gonna be hard to wait until the 25th. Thanks for hosting! Amazing amount of work, and it's greatly appreciated!
  10. Sweet! Glad you like the Kates. I honestly can't wait to fish 'em myself as soon as I get the opportunity.
  11. Flies officially departed first thing this morning...
  12. Hmmm... roads safer? Nah, the only thing safer is my bank account, because I'm not at the fly shop. LOL
  13. Piker, mine are now done. fishingbob and I are going to send ours together since, well, we don't live more than 10 miles apart. Sorry for the delay in reply. Been doing WAY more traveling than normal this last month. However, the good news is, it looks like I'm done having to hit the road for the rest of the year. Thanks for the swap. Great idea!
  14. Yep! I ordered the B175 in both 12 and 14. I *really* like these hooks :-)
  15. The last of my materials will be here Monday. After that, shouldn't be a long turn-around. Funny thing is, I really wanted to tie these on Kamasan hooks, so I ordered some from the UK. They're here now, and they'll be making quite the round trip back to you Piker. Ha!
  16. He comes down off the mountain. ⛺️ Ah ha, must be a reference to my "abbreviated" hike on the John Muir Trail :-) Have to say though, while it was short, it was visually spectacular. Just wish I had more time to fish.
  17. And it'll be the Kate McLaren for me...
  18. Hey Piker, if there's still room, I'm game to join in. Pattern TBD. John
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