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  1. It took a while (just too many nice patterns to choose from), but I've settled on a Backstop Caddis. Plus, it'll give me a chance to use some home-brew dubbing from a new squirrel pelt.
  2. Thanks! I think the really exciting thing is to spend time with a little man who not only loves to fish, but really wants to tie, and tie well. He and his dad (my brother) are perfect fishing buddies.
  3. For you? Hmmm... I think I can make an exception (just kidding!) You bet. Wanna play? I'm gonna put you in.
  4. Nice, Robert. Thank you! And yeah, I recently gave him some biots to try out. I think the Prince was his idea of putting them to use :-)
  5. Swap is full. Thanks to all for inspiring the young ones--they're the future. So, I have a 9-year-old nephew who's been bitten by the fly-tying bug. Big time. When I told him about swapping flies with other tiers he really lit up. Now, he tells me he's ready to give it a go (I've seen his flies and agree). Here's what I'd like to do... Let's swap a favorite nymph, but try to choose a pattern that can inspire a young tier--not too complex, and using materials that won't break a 9-year-old's allowance budget. His name is Aedan and he'll be submitting a Prince Nymph. First 10 with an "I'm in," and we'll give it a go. All standard swap rules apply. Due date is June 9. (Yes, he's underage for swap participation, but it's been cleared by admin since he'll be under my supervision.) Let's have some fun and inspire a tier! 1. Swapmeister - Hart's Dark Lord - done 2. Aedan - Prince Nymph - arrived 3. joseph russell - Caddis Pupa Nymph - arrived 4. nanumcreek - Brassie - arrived 5. rockworm - Rockworm Variation - arrived 6. fishingbobnelson - Bead Head EZ Nymph - arrived 7. Steve P - Biot Nymph 8. bertgwen - Copper John (of some sort) - arrived 9. atxdiscgolfer - Mercury Baetis - arrived 10. eugward - Bead Head Pheasant Tail - arrived 11. Horseshoes - Theo's Danger Baby - arrived 12. DavidHE - arrived
  6. I'll bite with the ever popular TBD...
  7. Picked up an awesome set of flies from "fishybob" himself on Friday. All I can say, is wow! Great set of stuff to use on opening day. Thanks a TON Bob for hosting another great swap.
  8. Flies are officially winging their way your direction Nick. When I saw the name, I couldn't resist. Definitely a pattern I'd use either in my favorite panfish/bass pond or trout river waters, so I tied up a dozen. Love the idea for the swap. Thanks!
  9. Way cool! It prompted me to google up "Peter Max." Everybody else remember his posters? Ha!
  10. Well, the "fur" fly is still TBD, but I'll be sending a Renegade as the "feather" fly.
  11. Woohoo! Glad they arrived. And nah, no evidence of summer in our neck of the woods yet :-) Thankfully, we're getting a little more rain. Problem is, last time I looked we're at 29% of normal. I'm OK with summer holding off until we get some more H20.
  12. Oooo, sounds like fun. I'd like to play.
  13. Really nice! I bet it's gorgeous when wet.
  14. I'm getting a little worried about our Canadian tyers receiving their flies. Y'all seen anything yet?
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