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  1. where about in Idaho do you live? You should have caught hundreds if you know where to go
  2. Ive been asking the same ? the answer Ihave gotten is what water and where.. I will be fishing the south fork salmon river in Idaho. the response i got is try nymphs with egg patterns.. run them dual like you would when nypmh fishing with an indicater just use a little bit more weight to get the flies down quicker. hope this helps will keep checking this post for a respons. hang in there they will come.
  3. went to the weblink you ty some beutss. would you have any info your willing to give on catching chinnok salmon in fresh water, what flies to use and what size of leader for my 9 weight
  4. those are niiicce!!! How do you make so many in such a little amount of time. And do you have any step by step info on the sex dungeon fly
  5. thanks for all the help, I think Ill give them a try the way they are and if I dont like the way they fish I guess Ill just have to by new ones :jumpy: Brian Brown this question is for you>>> what flies do you ty for chinook salmon in fresh water?
  6. Im located in Idaho. but any info you have is well appreciated. This is the first attempt to take a chinook on my fly rod, Ive caught them on my salmon rod and looking for more of a challenge.
  7. thanks for the info but I was looking to take the hooks I already have and cutting the curved eye off and making my own straight eye
  8. I just read an article that said that upturned eyes aren't the best hooks to use for big fish.. looking for any info on making or prefabing the hooks I got to maximize hook setting and fighting capability..
  9. really nice ties!!! I just tied some woolies up myself. Have you tied the cardinal bugger(black body with red hackle black tail
  10. you are missing out the both are beuuutiful the fish and the scenery :headbang: wish I was there :crying:
  11. Thanks you Jan. Its good to be on the forum, already got good info on all posts.
  12. High new to Idaho.. I've lived here my whole live, what a state!! We get to fish for almost all species of fish. I've recently tried fly fishing for steelhead, so I went to the boise river to try out my begginer skills and caught 7 of the planter steelhead fish and game stalks in november, what a blast!!! next month May and June I plan on treing to catch chinook out of the south fork salmon river by cascade. been there for the last 4 years and done really well with my salmon rigs and now trying to get them on flies.. :headbang: My older brother lives in lewiston and fishes by Dworshack dam and does reely well for steelhead, they bobber fish with a glass bead 3 inches above their hooks so it looks like eggs drifting..give it a try on the fly rod.
  13. looking for any info for catching chinook salmon when they are in fresh water :wallbash:
  14. :yahoo: new to fly fishing, live in Idaho, always looking for a good challenge. Caught the majority of species in this great state, looking for info on how to take salmon on my 9 weight fly rod. :headbang:
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