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  1. Well I may not be new to tying in general. I am how ever to tying trout sized flies im used to tying big bass bugs for bass and buggers for walleye and strippers.So i just just thought i would get on here and say im impressed with those of you who can deal with all this small stuff.I am here in 18 days goin down to southern Indiana for some rainbows hopefully.That is if i can get my fingers to work with all these tiny hooks and bits of materials.
  2. Well this one had cost me i think 20 spools of thread and i couldn't keep rabbit or squirrel anything in the same house as him he would try to eat it.his name was Casper(don't let the cute look fool you hes was constantly plotting your doom)He had a nice name the great white hunter he thought he could take down anything.On more than one occasion he jumped in the lake trying to get a goose or a duck.Sadly one day a goose broke his back and he died but he did take the goose with him.
  3. actually up here in northern Indiana i use a pattern very similar except i use big alumm saltwater eyes so it kind got a stunned river shiner motion and its completely slays northern pike and largies with smash it around rocky banks.Its worth a try down there just hold on they hit hard on the takes.
  4. Well as obviously you guys can read and know what this is about so ill get right to the point.So for some time now i've wanted to get to the skamania run and this summer i finally can.I live in IN so where do you guys suggest i go any fly or lures you can suggest for my sister i am taking with me she doesn't fly fish so i need so lure suggestions also.I will do research on my own but any help with be helpful.
  5. i totally agree with mike on this one this call it what you will and stick too it and send me about 4 of those i have a gar hangin around my place and keeps stealin my spinner baits i wanna catch him on my fly rod thats gonna be a nice fight.
  6. can i speak for myself when i say to riffleriverstealheadslayer "show off"jk no thats completely out of my skill range and ive been doing this for 3 years now lol.This guy is the one to watch out for in ftoty.Hes amazingly good and a great mentor for anybody looking for help. end of story
  7. yes i just got done with my first fly im sending in.I might go for a few more just depends.I wish you all luck.
  8. Ok im off i just need money now lol I was thinking about getting one for a while scince i need a nice bass rod but the funds right now are really tight and i still need a vise to tie on the old thing finaly quit for sometimei had it held togeather with ducktape and now one half of the jaw broke off so i retiared it for good.
  9. Wow i think we found the missing link between man and big foot lol jk.I soo need some cahs im broke and my vise finally took a :poop: on me i knew it was going but i finally went and i really need it hybrids are jumping everywhere here and i need like 5 white with a lot of silver flash clousers .If i didnt catch a ton of greif i would post a few pics of the ones ive caught on my spinning rods.They are nice ones anywhere from 1-3lbs each o and a couple 4lb bronzebacks
  10. Hairstacker i think you are trying to pull the wool over everybodies eyes.I think that this fish in your pic is that same one in your avatar pic.jk but they do look almost exactly that same.
  11. Well that defiantly helped a lot guys thanks i will be getting some bead chains in a few colors and ill have to try and post a few picks of the flies i make when i get a new vise.I had a cheapy and the clamp screw stipped out and the jaws were losing grip wouldnt hold a hook steady at all.
  12. I would have no problem with donating the extras i think its a great idea.
  13. I am about to get paid agian so i was going to buy some more materials and one thing i wanted to get were some dumbell eyes for some clousers but after looking at some sites i started woundering what size to get.The part of the lake I fish is not very deep 3-6feet at most.Most time I like to fish real shallow waters its what im used to and it works great.Is there any kida of charts or anything to pair eyes with depth or hook size?Any help will be greatful oracle
  14. Well fluff i agree me and my brother had about the same competition one day I was using a neon orange spinner bait he was throwing a pink spinner bait and out fished me by 9 4+lb almost all of the bass he was catching were at least over 3 and the biggest was 6 and a quarter :bugeyes: .I now am a firm believer in pink. :headbang:
  15. As i was sitting at my tying hole i started thinking about my upcoming attempt at catching the Indiana state record for either bluegill or red eared sunfish and wondering what flies im going to need to tie for this.I am going to be mostly focusing on surface flies and a lot of dry stuff.so i decided to pick some brains on here.I want all you out there to post a pick of you favorite dry or surface fly to fish.I dont are if its for trout or bass warm or cold water.I just want to get a idea of what are some of the more popular flies.Now let the brain picking began. oracle
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