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  1. Love it, simple, and it would catch anything! Thanks for sharing it.
  2. Ditto the others Cream - those are some serious fatty's for blue gills! FUN fish!
  3. I've never had issues with my standard or stainless jaw versions of regal vices. The original is about 30 years old - close to that. The stainless maybe 2 or so years now. Once I got the stainless, I'd say about 80-90% of my tying has gone on there. It's definitely better (due to sharper tip for lack of a better term) for small stuff. Even 16's or so feel better to tie on the SS jaws to me. But, for big stuff, like 2/0 or larger, I like the original jaws better still. So I use those when doing bigger flies...
  4. My only use for those plunger style ones, is holding hooks when putting beads on. They just dont feel functional as a hackle plier to me. I have those old spring ones - one set I got in grade school (43YO in 2 weeks) and they still work, though Ill admit, I'm always looking to see new or different designs and thinking about a new set...
  5. Ha - that's awesome right there. Good to see the snow melting... We need the water after last years drought, but... I'd rather have had rain ...
  6. Congrats on the baby! LOVE THESE! Any chance you have a SBS anywhere? Think I can figure it out, but curious...
  7. Playing with fish masks on a small streamer I've had good success with. It's supposed to look like a baby brook trout - for the browns, rainbows and large brookies on a tailwater near me. There has been a massive wild brookie boom the past 10 years, and it's been awesome to be landing a 3-6" brookie and have 16-20" trout chasing it and trying to eat it as you reel it in! So, this was my response. It's tails lower level is pinkish orange "shrimp" ice dub, the main tail is olive craft fur. The body is a combo of the same ice dub and craft fur blended and put into a dubbing loop then trimmed to form the body. I used to use resin to make the noggin and hold in eyes, these I tried #3 fish masks - I really like them, the lighter weight should workout nicely. I used to use a #10 or #12 scud hook for these, but this one is trying a #10 finesse hook. Not sure why that posted upside down... it's set up to swim hook point down...
  8. Question - I've used latex gloves or condoms for making vladi worm style flies... but dip them in soft-ex and thus far, they have lasted a long time. Wonder if you could build an abdomen, dip in softex and then finish when the fly dries... If you want to stick to using latex from those sources, that may be an option. Do any of you guys use soft-ex on any of these other materials that have been posted, or, are these other products just that much more durable?
  9. Thanks Kimo!, As soon as I clicked on it I realized that I'd been watching many of your video's for years. Thanks for the amazing channel! It's awesome help!
  10. Wholly smokes Kimo! Every time I see one of your flies, I like it more! Apologies if you have noted this here before, but do you do or have SBS video's on youtube or vimeo? Amazing man, just amazing!
  11. Ive had a few months off the vice - just life related. Last night, I played with a variation of a fly I had a lot of luck chasing wild brookies with last year. Original was more like an elk hair caddis, without the palmered hackle on the body. Hopefully this will work too Edit: sorry, pic came through upside down...
  12. Cream - those are great. Make me think of a thunder creek streamer... but with more movement given the marabou. Have they worked out well for you? Cant imagine that the would not - they look amazing. Going to have to try tying up a few.
  13. I had the same thought... Sure cant go wrong with that color combo - Ray's fly is a super fly! Gorgeous tie Salty.
  14. For the panfish, any nymph you use for trout - with a bead head especially - can work as a great little jig. I like to take gold beads on a 8-16 hook and just do a little puff of hackle or bou - almost like a shad dart. So often ice fishing jigs are tipped with a meal worm or maggot or bit of minnow, so the dressing on the jig is more to add a smidge of attraction... I've not tied stuff for bigger species ice fishing... but I'd bet a balanced leach would catch like crazy!
  15. I havent been on in a while... but dang... You all are tying some amazing flies! WOW!
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