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  1. Here's a nice one for you! http://boston.craigslist.org/nos/for/2621196272.html
  2. Yes, have used jStockard before with good success. Feathercraft is good too......... I heard that South Holston had the best prices on Tiemco hooks (They Do) and the ordering process was smooth but that's all the cudo's I can give. Still waiting to here about my backorder which I was charged for in advance (not happy about that). Lets see if they come through but i'm not holding my breath............ Live and Learn!
  3. FYI - Buyer Beware! Good prices on TMC hooks but terrible customer service. Took weeks to send order. Invoices in full for incomplete orders! Can't respond to email about when order has shipped or provide tracking order.
  4. The feel and quality of the C&F vise is by far superior to any vise that I have used to date. I have used or tried almost every vise made at some time or another. As stated earlier I have the Swiss Vise and the Renzetti Master; each one has its plus and minus but with the C&F I can confidently tie a hook range of #32 to 3/0. This is due to a well engineered jaw design that seems to be bullet proof. in addition, the rotarty function on the C&F feels like a piece of precision equipment because of the quality of the bearings used and as far as I'm aware the C&F vise is the only vise to use bearing for this feature. The physical dimensions along with the vises layout make it a very user friendly platform to tie on. For some reason the C&F vise was never pushed hard in the US. While traveling abroad I have visited many fly tying get togethers and the C&F seems to be the vise of choice. Now I know why! Happy tying! Update - Still plan on keeping my Swiss Vise. Have to say that I still prefer this vise for #22 and smaller due to the geometry of the jaws.......
  5. OK, I decided to make the investment and all i can say is this - BEST VICE I HAVE EVER USED! No other vise compares.......
  6. This is a new egg fly I'm trying; it's called the "Nuclear Egg" The fly has been wet down to show it's true life like form when in the water. Great pattern that can be tied in numerous colors. This one uses: #14 2457 TMC hook Ultra Thread #70 FL Fire Orange McFly Foam - Brite Red for egg core Glo Bug Yarn - Champagne for egg sack
  7. Guy's, I have the opportunity to pick up a NIB C&F Reference Vise for a decent price. The machining of this unit looks to be impecable and we all know that C&F products are very well made and engineered. Hook range for this puppy is #32 thru 3/0 and the vise has some really cool features and accesories such as listed below. I am looking for input such as likes and dislikes from tiers who have actually used this model. Like - Jaws work well, very good hold on all hook size range .......... Any info to be shared would be much appreciated! Currently I have a Renzetti Master Vise, Mark Petitjean's Swiss Vise and might consider selling either one should I get the C&F model. C&F Reference Vise Features & Accesories Parachute Post Tool: Tool for tying parachute hackles and extended bodies. Magnetic Dust Bin: No explanation needed here! Site Plane Plate: Gray on one side green on the other.... Link Arm: Adjusts jaw height without affecting the hook plane. Rotary Function: Jaw rotates to any angle without changing the hook plane. Magnetic Jaw: A powerful magnet inside the jaw holds the hook in place before the jaw is closed, allowing for a precise adjustment of the hook position. Temporary Hanger: A clever Micro Slit Foam collar to store flies Material Clip: To keep fly tying materials out of the way Bobbin Hanger: Holds the tying thread and bobbin out of the way.
  8. Nice looking spinner.... Can you inform if this is for the Hexaginia Mayfly?
  9. Less false casting and more roll casting will solve the problem :devil: :headbang:
  10. Something new - Polywing Jenny Spinner
  11. I thank all those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we may have our beloved Independence...................... God Bless those who fell for our freedoms and may we never forget what we have!
  12. 15 to 20 hours a week during tying season, 2 to 5 hours a week during off season :ripped: Hummm, no wonder my wife gets upset at me - :bugeyes:
  13. Hello Kevin - Not yet but will be giving them a try later this week along with a new 4wt 10ft Helios set up for Czech Nymphing. I'll be using these on some tailwater trout that go nuts for anything resembling a green caddis. This should be a blast and can't wait :thumbsup: Can you explain how your set up for Czech Nymphing. I like all the flies that are tied but not sure what the technique is. Kevin Kevin, here is a couple of links that will help you with the Czech Nymphing Technique. Not much data on it over here in the US but thats when the internet is the bomb. All my research points to longer rods being used with Czech Nymphing since in reality you only have about three feet of your fly line out of the tip of your rod and the remainder is a braided loop end hi-vis strike indicator (14") and a thin non tapering leader with a two of three dropper tippet 9' to 12' in length. The longer rod helps get you over your area of approach and makes you feel every bounce of your dropper set up. I went with the Helios 104 (10' 4wt Tip Flex) Rod since it I can use it for this system and traditional casting as well and its very responsive. As a matter of fact it excels at all........ Anyway, here are some of those links - :headbang: http://globalflyfisher.com/fishbetter/czech/ http://flyfishingreporter.com/how-to-build...nymphing-leader
  14. Hello Kevin - Not yet but will be giving them a try later this week along with a new 4wt 10ft Helios set up for Czech Nymphing. I'll be using these on some tailwater trout that go nuts for anything resembling a green caddis. This should be a blast and can't wait :thumbsup:
  15. Czech Hydropsyche 12 thru 18: Czech Atomic Green Rock Worm 10 thru 16: Hook: TMC2499SP-BL (Weighted - Wrapped 2/3rds with flat lead strips (Lead Golf Tape) Thread: White Ultra Thread 70 Denier (14 thru 18) 140 (8 thru 12) Color head with permanent marker after tied off Body: Ice Dub Hot Spot: Senyos Lazer Dubbing Thorax: Hareline Dubbin Dubbed Hairline Olive Brown. Back: Magic Shrimp Strip Rib: old 5x or 7x tippet material
  16. Guys, I have an Extra copy of "CZECH NYMPH" BY KAREL KRIVANEKK (Hard Cover). Willing to let go for the original asking price of $34.95 plus shipping..... This one was starting to get hard to find so I bought two after seeing them selling on Amazon for $199.95 :bugeyes: http://www.amazon.com/Czech-Nymph-Related-...4923&sr=8-1 PM if interested!
  17. Hunmmm, for Trout it would be a Brown Wire Copper John size #14. For all other freshies it would be a Muddler Minnow since this could be fished on surface or below surface.
  18. Hummm, I wondering if this stuff can be died? I know it accepts colored markers well so I imagine it should.
  19. Guys, i am looking to buy in bulk some material for Czech Nymphs. I came across a web post that someone found some material on EBay used in the Garment Industry for strapping and elastic banding for sports wear but I cannot find the post. Any idea were this stuff can be found in bulk (Yards)? Its roughly 4mm wide and a clear latex like material thats very thin. You might have seen it on some of your wives clothing...............
  20. Thanks guy's, I'm very pleased how well this one works and to say it's my own pattern............
  21. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by troutdogg: PK's Ephemerella Nymph
  22. Here's my fly pattern to mimic the Ephemerella Nymphs (Hendricksons, Sulphurs, PMDs) tied in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18 Hook: TMC200R (Weighted - wrapped 50% with lead wire then flattened .025 dia for #12 -14, .020 dia for #16 and .015 for #18) Secure lead with "Zap a Gap" before tying! Thread: Ultra Thread 70 Denier - Wood Duck Tail: Lemon Barred Wood Duck or Mallard died Wood Duck Rib: Ultra Wire Gold Brassie (#12-14), Small (#16-18) Body: Dubbed Hairline Olive Brown. Wingcase: Turkey Quill Legs: Lemon Barred Wood Duck or Mallard died Wood Duck
  23. I have, both the standard and the midge. Love them both and they are my go to units. All others have been put back into storage. So I would agree - Once you go C&F you ain't going back.............
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