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  1. Lefty's Deciever 2/0 Tied a few dozen for striper
  2. Agree with the above. Those are going to be your winner patterns for the salt, but always look to see what critters are going to be in and out of the areas your fishing. Shrimp patterns are always good to have . As far as FW is concerned, you can fish just about anything! Topwater poppers are always going to produce bass and bluegill. Small baitfish patterns will catch you any number of exotic cichlids. I like white and chartreuse best and the fish do too! Can vary things in all sizes.
  3. I spoke with him and placed an order last week. Everything arrived is great condition and he cut me a deal.
  4. Might try feather emporium. Give him a call and ask what he has
  5. Variegated stone rubberlegs. Size 6
  6. Olive Woolly Bugger #10 with tungsten cone. I love tying these things!
  7. Ive used human hair before. Cousin gave me a locke to tie with one time years ago. She has long straight blone hair and I made a streamer with it. It caught a fish...though it was a little strange to tie.
  8. Very nicely done! Love that peacock underwing peeking out!
  9. I really like how your first 2 to 3 rib wraps are touching near the tail! Very unique.
  10. This is a fly of my design. Began with claret body and a wrap of guinea. Over the years it has evolved into this. This has produced a great many rainbows and browns. Claret Clinch Dabbler Hook: Mustad standard nymph heavy Tag: Yellow silk Rib: Fine gold wire Body: Irish claret seal dubbing Body Hackle: Plum claret saddle Collar: Gray spotted guinea tied dabbler style Eyes: Jungle Cock Thread: Black Danville 70D Head: Wapsi lacquer
  11. Just a good old egg! Thread: Danville 210 lt. pink Body: Mcfly Foam Hook: JS Heavy Egg Hook #12
  12. Huge fan of this fly! Gorgeously proportioned! Id tie a dozen but I fear that they wont look as good as yours! This is gorgeous! Those colors fire me up! Id imagine this will fish anywhere here or abroad!
  13. Thats the truth! Dont get me wrong, modern genetics and selective breeding have come a long way as far as quality is concerned, however, the prices are borderline crooked. Gotta love a good ole' Indian cape!
  14. A valiant first attempt! Id recommend checking out Davie McPhail's video on married wings. He explains the process really well.
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