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  1. That is a cool technique I will give it a try I really like the look of it. Thanks for the tip :yahoo:
  2. Love those! I love the pheasant tail for the legs they look awesome. How did you get the legs to look so good? What part of the pheasant tail is that?
  3. This is an awesome topic keep the ideas flowing.
  4. I know what you mean my fly's would be much better if I always saw them as my camera does LOL
  5. I would only add if you shop from J Stockard go through the banner at the top so FTF gets the credit due.
  6. Hatches mentioned these in their report on the fly tying show in NJ. This is their website http://www.proflytyer.com/
  7. What do you want for them? I wouldn't mind having them in my collection.
  8. feet are not in a dubbing loop.... inserted in thread...I do not know whether I am good translation I think you mean split thread technique but I could be wrong
  9. Great Olive color on that one. Do you like the tail that long? I would have probably made it a bit shorter but that is just my preference. I love the biot bodies they look so nice and natrual. Great job :yahoo:
  10. I think everyone is on a cool foam kick on here lately. :bugeyes: great flies :yahoo: I really like the first one two reminds me of a spider.
  11. I really like you have the flash wrapped around the bifarcation of each section. How did you do that?
  12. Well now I am motivated to give them a try for sure. What materials should I gather together to make a decent selection of these when Bass seasons rolls around again?
  13. So this would be a good tie for LMB?
  14. Nice fly. I wish I could watch the video at work but they block yout tube. I will have to watch it at home later today.
  15. yes - you can. You simply need different plastic tubes, some metal tubes, different heads with different sizes because your tubes do have different diameters... it is not as easy as it could be. The pro-tube systems is much easier to work with - everything fits together. you choose a tube, you choose a weight that fits, a head that fits... comfort is not cheap And you can do special flies with the pro-tube system you will not get without it - still you could spend your money into feathers... nobody needs (!) the pro-tubes - but they offer some advantages if you pay the price... Detlef (sorry for my poor English) Makes a lot of sense. You rlast bit there where you say comfort is not cheap I think nailed it for me. Thanks!
  16. How much smaller would you make them for Bass?
  17. looks nice, I bet it is a killer. Would be nice to have some these when fish are not hitting anything with bright colors it could be just what the doctor ordered.
  18. Hey where in Nebraska are you? I am in Omaha over in millard about 156th and Dodge. Drop me a PM if your close to Omaha would be nice to know more fly tyers in the area. I go to the cornhusker fly tying club on Thursday nights over at Cabellas in La Vista. I don't make it every week. In fact I haven't been there in over a month since well before christmas but there are a bunch of nice guys over there.
  19. I love the beauty of classic salmon flies. I eventually want to tie some even though I am in the worst part of the country for salmon fishing. I still want to try my hand at those.
  20. Great stuff Vegas. I wouldn't worry if you like the foam keep posting them. I love to see your ingenutiy so keep um coming.
  21. I'm not sure I understand why you would spend so much on their stuff. I don't tye on tubes so I am sure that is part of my confusion but from what I have seen you can do most everything they offer on less expensive tubes, can't you? :dunno:
  22. I use my Nikkon D3000 I picked it up at costco when it was on sale last year. I think it was like 600 bucks. Well worth it. It came in a kit with two lenses (although neither are super great for close ups but they do a very decent job). One of the lenses is a long lens for shooting things far away. I didn't buy this camera for shooting macro stuff however it does a great job. If were to get a macro lens the shots would be far and away better than what I get now. Again I agree wiht everyone else lighting is everything. You can get great shots with a disposable if you have the right lighting. There is a guy that has a blog that teaches people to use a disposable camera to lean how to take photos before you ever buy a DSLR or expensive camer. Some of the shots he gets with a disposable are amazing. :bugeyes:
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