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  1. Looks like a cajun tickler to me. but this fly should be a killer pattern.
  2. Thanks everyone Y'all have been a big help. And i have used some salty patterns to fish for bass, just trying to get some more ideas really.
  3. That is a pretty cool fly how does it act in the water?
  4. Hey everyone I was just wanting to expand my small library and was wondering what books you would recommend. I mostly tie and fish for warmwater species such as bass, crappie, gills, etc... any help is greatly appreciated. John
  5. I'm curious as to how you have it all set up can't wait for the pics!!
  6. I am in awe I thought it was a real praying mantis till I seen the hook. Amazing work.
  7. It's just a way to follow said company or service etc... it's a marketing ploy so if your on facebook you'll see the ads or post from the company and so will all your facebook "friends". I'm a young guy and i hate facebook for numerous reasons this is getting to be another reason. But I'm stuck with it since its the only network some of my friends use.
  8. They look awesome i really like the chartreuse one would slay some bass with that and the other two look awesome as well. I need to start making brushes.
  9. Yeah i can take some pain but not burying a hook into myself on purpose crazy guy. and the pic of the eye gives me the willies.
  10. Peak vices are good and in your price range. I have a danvise and it is less money and still a pretty good vise.
  11. my first fish on the fly as well about 8 pound catfish caught on a wooly bugger and it broke my cheap as fly rod, but now have a much nicer one lol.
  12. Well, looks like i am going to get some weird looks at the store again, I always get weird looks when i am in the beauty aisle.
  13. Congrats i remember my first fish a 6lb cat and unfortunately broke my rod but lessons learned. catching a fish on a fly that you tied is such a thrill glad to have more and more people join us in the fly tying/ fly fishing world.
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