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  1. Just received the flies, great job everyone, I will put these to good use
  2. Received my parachutes today, Nice job everyone, I know exactly where I will use them Breambuster, thanks for hosting
  3. Pickin6ofem, My flies are in the mail, thanks for hosting the swap mcgx2
  4. My flies are completed, please PM me you address, thanks, mcgx2
  5. Received the flies today, excellent work everyone, thank you......Great Swap
  6. I'm in, I'll tie a be of some sort, maybe a Dick's Fancy
  7. Breambuster My Krystal Crickets are done, please PM me your address, thanks
  8. My flies are in the mail, keep any extras if the swap doesn't fill. Thanks for hosting mcgx2
  9. johnw, my flies are done, if you PM me your address I'll get them in the mail thanks for hosting mcgx2
  10. You can count me in if you will. Fly TBD, I'll post what it is soon. thanks,
  11. I haven't been in a swap for a couple years. I'm in with a S&M Nymph mcgx2
  12. Flies are in the mail, couple extra for the swapmiester, thanks for hosting Merry Christmas
  13. I need the address too. Please PM me thanks, mcgx2
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