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  1. I wouldn't worry about what patterns to tie. I would spend time on teaching the basics. The bugger is a great starter pattern. Nymphs are good also. I love teaching the little ones to tie.
  2. Welcome to fly tying!. Relax, you will never have enough room for your materials!. I have 5 Walmart storage containers with 3 drawers each and a 9 drawer dresser. I have run out of room and looking for more. I have 4 vises, 3 Renzetti and one Dyana-king. I have been tying for 50 years so far. You will not save money on materials but the the flies you tie will flora when needed and sink when needed. If my deal wasn't messy I couldn't find nay thing. Fly tying is very relaxing. This is the bets site on the web for tying questions. Lets tie on on!.
  3. I agree, go with the Schlappen feather For thew tails I would use a grizzly cape..
  4. Renzetti dose make a vise for left handers. In my class I just turn the vise around. A rotary vise is the vise to get by far..
  5. here is a bead to hook chart.......http://flymenfishingcompany.org/ Good tying.
  6. I have been tying for 50 years, the last thing I need to do is take an inventory. I have dubbing I got back inn the 60's I haven't used up yet. Every time I dig thru my stuff it's like Christmas all over again...
  7. This is a great hobby to get into!. The bugger you make needs a shorter tail out of marabou, I would use a temco 300 size 8 or a Daiichi 2220 size 8 or the equivalent. I have been fly tying and fly fishing for about 50 years now and I am still learning. As to the feathers from those chickins forget it!. They may be full of all kinds of bugs. It is a lot safer to get your materials from your local fly shop or online. To find out how to tie a certain bug go to youtube and search it. I just tied up a few buggers for my grandkids, I told them to add a slip sinker to the line then tie on the bugger. They just loved them. Good luck up in Pentwater...
  8. They look great to me, fish em!. Take those bad boys out and fish them!. When I tie my Clousers I put some flash along the hook and add a mylar sliver or gold body along the shank before I add the bucktail.
  9. I would buy the Renzetti Traveler vise. The master vise is just pretty. I got my first Renzetti back in the 70's and I use it today. If you want a cheaper vise look at a Peak vise. You really need a rotary vise to tie good flies.
  10. I keep all my dubbing in sip lock bags. I have a zip lock bag for each type of dubbing. I was digging around the dubbing drawer last night and found some dubbing I bought way back in the 70's from LL Bean.
  11. I put my deerhair on about a 45* angle on the hook shank , put 2 and 1/2 loops around the hair pull straight down, and spin the hair around the hook at the same time. Then I pack the hair add a 1/2 hitch then go on to the next bunch works good but it takes a bit of practice. I use GSP thread my flies. If you could get the Chris Helm DVD (spinning deer hair) would help you also....
  12. When I get my turkey feathers I treat them with Krylon (sp) fixative. Make sure you spray them outside, is powerful stuff. If it splits again I use a drop of head cement. You can get at any art store like Micheal's. This stuff really works good//
  13. I use a 1/2 hitch for each step of the fly I am tying, that way it will not come when undone when you do the next step.I use the the whip finisher when finishing the head of the fly.. When I am doing deer hair flies I use a series of 1/2 hitches to finish the head because you can't get the whip finisher near the head.
  14. See you there, I missed it last year....
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