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  1. Hey all. I caught a new PB Rainbow trout. I'd tell you the weight but hate being called a liar! LOL Caught on a balanced pink beaded white leach.
  2. Yes, called a balanced bead head. The pin is any pin that will not allow the bead to fall off. In this case, it is a pin from craft work earing. I have also used brass brad nails in 22 gauge as well as seamstress pins cut down to length. Hope this answers your questions.
  3. Just for future reference ... this is what's considered a "BAD" decision. LOL
  4. I too am in a bit of a pickle. I decided to rip the fingernail half way off my index finger. I attempted top tie up some flies today with little success.
  5. I anticipate to get mine in the mail tomorrow.
  6. That's not fair FRN. Needless to say though, when you go out, I truly hope you get to connect with a big ol fat and ugly girl. By all means, do not go by my suggestions. I have yet to seriously try out my outfit. I went with a 9wt fly rod and upped my double tapper to a 10wt. You will chuckle at my tippet. It is 5ft of 150lb seaguar floro. No one, I mean no one can convince me on going anything less for a tippet. I tried the chuck and duck method and can easily manage the fly I tied for the swap. Now I will try the others I got from the swap.
  7. Yes, got mine as well. Only, lets see, 70 more days before I can give them a true test... Thanks guys for tying up some great flies!
  8. Nice video Mike. A little advice, don't talk so much during the episode, let the rod and fish do the talking for you....
  9. Both of these flies will be tied up in large quantities for opener of the trout season for me. Size 10, 12 and 14 will do the trick.
  10. Don't know what they are called but the trout in my neighborhood sure do like them.
  11. Caught this one on the infamous HaHaHa fly! (lurking in the shadows). Cheers, Ron...
  12. Good on ya Tom. May the Karma bless you on your next Musky trip. Cheers, Ron...
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