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  1. I've been wrestling with this same problem. Though I haven't had the opportunity to prove it yet, I'm pretty certain that it's a hatch of size 24 or 26 cream colored midges.
  2. Everything was in this travel box for twenty years, then I finally got a desk/bench.
  3. I paid too much for mine because I bought it at an antique store, but I'm quite happy with it.
  4. The bigger the better, IMO, you know you could fill up all those little compartments!
  5. In the early eighties, when I was about 12, My grandpa introduced me to the fly-fishing concept. Never took me fishing, just told me how and gave me his fly tying kit - I was hooked. That old cast iron vise was all I used until recently.
  6. I use one and it works great, much better than having to swap reels.
  7. I'm kinda tired of using a vest, I just ordered one of these from Frost River; not made for fishing, but I think it will work well....
  8. Thanks for the welcome, guys, I certainly do my share of flopping around in the water like I don't belong there. Question is, do I see myself as an ant, a spider, or a hopper? I guess that depends on what kind of mood the wife is in....
  9. I joined up here several years ago, but I was too busy for fishing for quite while. Now that I've simplified my life and moved to East Idaho with the Henry's Fork and the South Fork as my new stomping grounds, I've been bit by the bug again. Learning about tailwater fisheries has been interesting, but it's growing on me... I'm glad to have found this site again and looking forward to participating. Thanks, Brad
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