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  1. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    The stud came up, hit my dry fly (Size 12 mosquito) , and went back down to the bottom of the river and at that point I could barely move him with my 5/6 weight rod. He was a stud, coming in at 21 inches, which is a new PB for me. Btw according to the state anything over 17 inches is a trophy grayling.
  2. Here another short vid done in that lake Big pike (for that pond) was peeling drag! #shorts - YouTube
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfX6ZTpgW3o I had some fun up near Fairbanks fishing for some aggressive pike. I should have pulled out my frog. And by the way, the reason why I called one of those pike a big one was because it was bigger than most pike in that lake. Please Like this video subscribe to the channel and get notified, also comment in the youtube comment section if you would rather see more flounder and black cod fishing off a dock or would you rather watch trout fishing. I am going down to valdez again and there's both down there.
  4. It's a pretty ride, too. lot's of cows. LOTS of cows
  5. Yep i forgot to bring extra leader which was annoying
  6. beautiful day on the clearwater chasing grayling - YouTube Today I got into some grayling that were hitting dries a few days ago all while having a recording gopro on my head. Then I took the footage, put it in my editor, and whipped up a good video for you all to watch. I really enjoyed filming this video. The river is very beautiful and peaceful (When there's not tons of boats everywhere). I really enjoyed the fishing and I hope you enjoyed watching the video as much as I enjoyed making it. If you didn't happen to enjoy it please like the video, subscribe to the channel, comment in the YouTube comment section because it will really help the channel grow. The more likes/comments/subscribers is the more people that the algorithm will recommend it to.
  7. Okay, thanks for the clarification. I will tie that
  8. okay I am going to add 2 stonefly nymphs, 2 copper johns, and 2 of old faithful, the san juan worm. I love that pattern. @WWKimba Is the Wilson's mormon girl a dry fly? If it is a dry fly then the nymph side will be done! The next side (dry flies) is going to get some work for sure. I have a couple adams-style fly I only have black, gray, and grizzly hackle, and brown, grey, and olive dubbing. I am going to try to make pairs flies that have different colored dubbing and hackle. Then I will tie my favorites for trout, the yeagers neversink cadis (tie one up, they are deadly". Then maybe some elk hair caddices. Then I will be all out of ideas. Actually I might tie a couple of red tags. Do you guys have any favorite dries for trout and grayling you would like to share?
  9. Okay I will tie the Zug Bug (How could I forget about that ledgedary fly?) and attempt the prince nymph.
  10. I don't have any beads, but I did tie a simplified version of those, the brassie
  11. @mikechell That's what they are called. I have about 10 of those in my box. I used those last graylig season and I love them
  12. I am definetly going to add that to the fly box
  13. How did I forget about that fly? Thank you for reminding me. I will most certainly tie that one.
  14. I was bored today, so I decided to do some fly tying. I have a fly box that has two sides. One is for my nymphs and one is for my dry flies. The side with the nymphs has one row for streamers. As of right now I am trying to fill out my nymph side. I have room for 15 more nymphs. What are some good nymphs to tie on a size 12 standard hook? I already have some kind of a pheasant tail variant that I tied that kinda looks like a pheasant tail nymph, scuds, and some kind of midge nymph.
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