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  1. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    So, i was looking through my old camera and found this picture of a salmon caught by my dad. Caught back in 2017. yeah bad picture, I know. P.S. That's a coho if you are wondering.
  2. that would work for grayling, i think
  3. This is called a rabbit and a half. It is use primarily used for rockfish. It can also be used for halibut and lingcod. It could be used for bass and pike, too.
  4. They weren't too big, but thats okay! Enjoy!
  5. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    I release all grayling. I am a sport fisherman. And I wanted those grayling to grow up a bit.
  6. TIER

    Fish Pictures

    I went grayling fishing at the chatnika river and caught 3 grayling. Btw the river was flooding. I didn't get a picture of one, though. Here's the biggest one of the day. Both caught on a san juan worm with a gold bead. I would have gotten this to you guys sooner if our vehicle didn't break down.
  7. but those a nice ones. good job
  8. Hit the streams. mark. I caught 2 grayling in a course of 4 minutes.
  9. wow. nice nets. How much?
  10. TIER

    My Blog

    Here is the link to my blog. I post all my adventures here. https://www.blogger.com/profile/03345675735174878577
  11. He actually stole my spot lol. I was Just changing my fly
  12. Actually I disagree about the landing net. The person who taught me how to use the drop shot method uses a net, and he I a professional guide. And from my time with him i can tell he is the best when it comes to fly fishing for grayling. He caught 10 fish in under 20 minutes. And due to the river's popularity, the fish are picky and over fished, which makes it harder and harder to fish. But the areas most people can't get to are the best. A lot of people don't have waders, so they can't access my favorite spot (I have waders) and they can't over fish the area.
  13. That is the best fly rod for Alaska. The 8wt is so versatile.
  14. samsonboi, It probably won't die. They are weak, but not that weak. And at least I don't play with the fish like this one kid that always plays with the trout that he catches. I am not like that. mike i actually forgot my net 🤦‍♂️ chugbug, thank you. Making videos that people enjoy is my job. I am happy that a succeeded.
  15. sadly you can't keep the grayling in the clearwater 😔
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