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  1. I and the moose are not scared of each other. This was taken on a military base, he's used to people
  2. If it don't have any harming animals, guns, ect. it is not made for kids. If i click made for kids I could get a strike on my channel. 3 strikes and your channel is deleted.
  3. I guess fishing isn't for kids according to youtube they're pretty dumb
  4. not the newer one. There was one titled 10 SUBSCRIBER SPEICIAL or something like that
  5. but i marked it not for kids
  6. ice fishing. Just ice fishing.
  7. TIER

    Cabin build

    my dad has one. He says that's why it can hold a 8 round mag
  8. TIER

    Cabin build

    Or I can just wait until I'm 21 and get one of these.
  9. It's super blurry, but I saw this guy 2 summers ago
  10. Seriously? A while back I did a video celebrating 10 subscribers. It was taken down because it "Violates our Child safety policy". Whelp, RIP to my channel if they keep this up.
  11. TIER

    Cabin build

    There aren't many bears here.
  12. when are you going back to quartz?
  13. hey mark, some kid figured out my instagram and started flooding my DMS (messaging system) with how I only caught rainbows. I proved him they weren't rainbows and he started saying they are kokanee. Is that true? Also could you include how many years you have been fishing at quartz lake so I can screenshot this and send this to him?
  14. TIER

    Cabin build

    Alaska remote building project S1 E2 - YouTube when you see i changed it to seasons and episodes you know i'm serious
  15. TIER

    Cabin build

    we get dark aroud 4:00
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