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  1. Those are pretty cool. Where do you get the satin cord from? Joanns? I make the same fly but use rubber bands for the body.
  2. Was cruising ebay and ran into a few of them posted. One was the RF-80. Never heard of them and did some research but did not find much. Anyone have any experience with them?
  3. Iroc_Jeff

    Fly rods

    I decided to put my reel on the old fiberglass fenwick 8wt on Saturday and leave my Lefty Kreh Pro Series 2 rod home. I honestly preferred the older rod. Had to slow things down a bit casting wise but was way more accurate with the old rod. Even caught a smallmouth on the morirsh mouse along the shoreline.
  4. Iroc_Jeff

    SpaceX launch

    i caught it right before i went golfing. Really cool coverage and that rocket landing on the ship was pretty sweet. Have to take a look at those space suits in more detail eventually. They look way different. Assume they aren't NASA suits.
  5. Iroc_Jeff

    Fly rods

    I have a Fenwick FF 908 that's over 40 at least and it fishes fine when I use it.
  6. Those are some pretty good lists. Here's a few more that are good that kinda get bypassed a lot. I tried posting links to trailers but got an error.. You can find that stuff on your own Memphis Belle Tuskegee Airmen (The HBO movie) Fatherland (Murder mystery, Germany won WW2 in Europe and is opening up to the West in the 60's) Mister Roberts Das Boot
  7. Yeah, its just the foam on top. I am not a fan of sandwiching the foam between the shank as it gets messy with glue and the foam never matches up right. Its easier to glue and cut the foam as one and then tie it in.. You don't even need the dubbing, really. I've caught bass with the thread showing on the shank against the white foam.
  8. Since this weekend usually has some blocks of war movies on TV what are some of your favorites? Do you like classic ones, modern ones? I used to like watching Turner Classic Movies's lineup of war films when I had cable. Overall, I would pick Stalag-17 as being my favorite war movie, and one of my favorite films as well. Downfall is another great movie, easy to follow even though its subtitled. If you haven't seen it its really worth the watch.
  9. Iroc_Jeff


    We are going back to onsite work 100% this week. No more work from home every other week. Got a client doing a Covid vaccine trial with up to 10,000 devices (phones/tablets) on top of other stuff ramping up. Not too happy about everyone coming back in at once but our county had really dropped significantly with all the distancing stuff. My company is also doing a really good job of keeping us separated and keeping common, touchable surfaces sanitized and stuff daily. I don't think this is going to last and we'll probably be working split shifts again of some sort by 4th of July to be honest.
  10. Here's my favorite frog fly I modified from a few similar patterns. I don't make them weedless but you can if you want to. The eyes I use are the craft store doll eyes which i like since they are big and rounded. Probably doesn't matter buts its a confidence thing with me. If it has eyes, I'll seem to catch more. You can add some lead wire near the bend of the hook to get that semi submerged look, or even flatten split shot and glue it between the foam near the bend if you like. Eagle Claw bait holder (size 2 or 1) White/Green foam , glued together White dubbing Rubber legs Eyes
  11. For bass I use an 8wt and use a 2ft section of 30lb (Cheap Zebco Walmart stuff) and then another similar section of 20#, then a 10lb tippet section of 2-3ft length of whatever line I have around. I don't seem to cast well without some sort of downsizing leader to tippet but I don't get too involved with them. I also loop to loop mine. Throws poppers, mice, frogs, streamers and wooly buggers pretty good.
  12. I bought the grizzly hackle like that on ebay for 16$ shipped years ago from a Salon supplier on Ebay.
  13. I bought the RiverRuns UV kit a few years back on Amazon and got thick and thin resins with the UV light for about 20 bucks. Now its a 3 resin & light kit for $18. Works well for the limited use I need it for. When I make hair jigs I just paint the jig head and then brush on Loctite 5 min epoxy. Going to loose a bunch anyhow and don't want to waste the UV stuff.
  14. The round rubber legs from Janns Netcraft float. I just tested some scraps i had in a bowl. https://www.jannsnetcraft.com/skirt-making-material/366200.aspx
  15. That's looking pretty good. I have two old brass lamps I want to paint and get new shades for since they look a bit aged. Here in Pa we are like you but I can fish and golf courses just opened up. Went out yesterday for the first time in 8 weeks after rebuilding my swing in the downtime. I've been tying fly's and jigs. Just finished Deep Space Nine on Hulu. Also working on a mobile/PC game i'm making through Unity. I still go to work for 4 days then work at home for 4 days and repeat. So, I have a lot of time on my hands.
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