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  1. I ordered a drill on Ebay on Nov 20th with a delivery date of the 25th through USPS. I didn't get the drill until December10th. Most of that time it was sitting in a trailer waiting to get unloaded in Lehigh Valley but they did not have enough people. So, 20 or so trailers were parked at any given time waiting to get unloaded. My brother in law mailman informed me about this. My buddy at work had 3 packages "lost". One guy in my department had his lift kit for his truck lost in transit so he cancelled, got refunded, and ordered from a different place. Well, that original package showed up at the house yesterday. I have been pretty luck so far with stuff through USPS. Had to send reels out for repair and had some other orders but no issues other my drill.
  2. I tie my flies at my computer so I can watch the video for making new flies easily or just watch Pluto TV or whatever while making stuff. My co-worker cut down some trees on his property and gave me some small cuttings. I turned two of them into this neat little caddy that fits on my desk. Anyone else make their own caddies?
  3. This is Percy the Squirrel. He lives near one of my river carping spots and loves to eat all my corn and groundbait that falls to the ground.
  4. i watched this a few weeks ago might give it a whirl. Was trying to find a better way then using punches with a hammer and found leather hole punches on ebay. They rotate 6 different sizes, problem is they rotate from 1.5mm to 4.5mm which I don't think would be big enough larger streamers.
  5. The squirmy stuff is cool but its really not durable at all. Bought two-three packs last year and won't do it again. One broke in my hand tying it on. Was not happy. Even deteriorated in a sealed plastic bin in the packaging as I was going to make a few and tray again with them.
  6. Always had good luck with these for panfish and bass just stripping in and letting them fall. Durability was always the worst with them falling off the hook, both from fish and forceps. So, decided to make the ribbed-bead head version but wasn't happy with it. After a bit of UV resin over the ribbing they turned pretty good. Tied 10 of each of these and probably plan on a purple and some two-tones in the future since I bought 100 hooks..
  7. We got 12-18 inches or so. Its really powdery and light so shoveling was super easy. I even took my small shop vac out and blew the porch off. Stuff is melting already and roads are better now than at 9am.
  8. You can turn them into frogs. Take two saddle hackle trimmed to popper size, like olive color, and tie both in so they curve out for one leg. Do the same for the other leg. Then, tie in one or two more saddle hackle to build up the body. Paint the body to match and your done.
  9. My vote is for the San Juan Worm as its the fly that got me started. Can't get too much simpler that tying a piece of string to a hook and burning the ends.
  10. I found these by accident looking for reels. 70% off, 4 different styles. Still have to pay shipping but its still not a bad price. Ended up getting two of the 4 sided ones in black. https://okumafishingusa.com/collections/specials/products/okuma-fly-boxes
  11. Landed this 44lb common two Saturdays ago. I broke my personal best 4 times this late summer/fall going from 26lb to 32.5lb to 33lb and now 44lb. Hoping to shoot for 50lb by Memorial Day next year.
  12. Yeah it was, until yesterday... lol The first fish with the pot belly is 32lbs while the second is 33.5lbs roughly.
  13. Decided to start up carp fishing again for a change and landed this 24lb a few weeks ago. I blanked my other two trips but the river is really low so they might be hanging out somewhere else, however, this isn't a snaggy spot so fishing the bottom is pretty easy.
  14. Iroc_Jeff

    pc vs mac

    This does not mean Macs cannot get a virus. Because PC's dominate the market, especially in business, it doesn't make sense if you are creating malware to target a tiny fraction of the market. However, Mac users as well as Linux users can still get them.
  15. My tablet is Android 5 and site works fine under chrome. Not sure about my phone which is 6 i think. Desktop still same as in spring, but Mikechells workshop post i can navigate as intended. No other multiple page post works that ive tried.
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