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  1. These bead chain streamers also work great using all flash type materials as well. No dubbing, just tinsel or flashabou wrapped around the hook for the body and krystal flash/tinsel/whatever for the tail and wing. Caught bass on these as well as bluegills and crappie in Florida.
  2. I make my ants in size 16 and just use dubbing and the really small, thin hackles at the bottom of a grizzly cape. Basically dub a bit fatter in the back, tie in the hackle, and a smaller bit up front. I make a rusty brown one, too, but that's not shown. This one the dubbing is a bit to on the bend of the hook but it'll still work fine. These aren't fished as a dropper I just fish single and mostly without an indicator. Total pain Seems like the hackles get destroyed more than the body. I also noticed when the hackle was mostly gone they didn't catch as well as with it there.
  3. That top one is really cool. Makes me wish I only made 1 larger middle segment on mine and not 2. What did you make the eyes with? Is it epoxy or stick on ?
  4. I am glad you like the wings. Filled up a bowl and tossed the cicada in and the wings look cool in the water. I was going to pick up some dryer sheets and cut them into wings but I was worried about breakage. Now I just have to make some red eyes.
  5. Re-worked my Cicada and came up with this which I like much better. Used a Size 8 scud hook. Bit overtied in the segments but this is just a test fly.
  6. Those rounded heads are pretty neat that both you guys did. I think I may work that into my cicada on the next one I try. I'm going to borrow the way you tied your hoppers, DenDuke, for my cricket fly. I like the two pieces of foam but I'll probably tie both on top of the hook to have a bit more hooking space. Have any pics of this fly ?
  7. This is going to be my grasshopper fly this year. Foam is 6mm(3 sheets glued). Also went with this flash material for wings instead hair. Have to get some olive foam to make one more batch up. I'm not sure if I should speckle them with brown or black marker to make them look a bit more natural. This is a prototype Cicada tied in a similar way to the other hopppers, just a bit larger. Hook is a sz 6 4xl streamer hook . Again, 6mm of foam. I thought about adding some orange foam to the bottom and just tying it in up front since the cicadas have the longer body.
  8. I am pretty sure its a size 12 2xl hook. I also didn't sandwich the hook between the foam since the gap was a bit tight and figured hookups might be an issue. So, I just used some super glue to keep the body stable.
  9. Sticking with foam again and decided to tackle a cricket. After a few tries this one came out well and will probably be the one I tie more of. Not sure if I'm going to tie the legs in a knot like other patterns have or just keep it one piece and be not tied. Same with hair for the wing. Saw it both ways so not sure if it really matters.
  10. Here are a few of my size 12 foam beetles. Used olive chenille for the underbody instead of peacock or dubbing for more bulk. I also used some green, sparkly finger nail polish on the foam and it gives it a nice sparkly/buggier appearance. I may cut the indicator down and user yarn on it instead.
  11. I keep mine in a zip lock bag and those are mostly screw ups, test stuff, or flies I do not want to use anymore/found better patterns. Then one day I'll sit and watch TV and take a razor blade and salvage the hooks and start all over.
  12. I ordered a drill on Ebay on Nov 20th with a delivery date of the 25th through USPS. I didn't get the drill until December10th. Most of that time it was sitting in a trailer waiting to get unloaded in Lehigh Valley but they did not have enough people. So, 20 or so trailers were parked at any given time waiting to get unloaded. My brother in law mailman informed me about this. My buddy at work had 3 packages "lost". One guy in my department had his lift kit for his truck lost in transit so he cancelled, got refunded, and ordered from a different place. Well, that original package showed up at the house yesterday. I have been pretty luck so far with stuff through USPS. Had to send reels out for repair and had some other orders but no issues other my drill.
  13. I tie my flies at my computer so I can watch the video for making new flies easily or just watch Pluto TV or whatever while making stuff. My co-worker cut down some trees on his property and gave me some small cuttings. I turned two of them into this neat little caddy that fits on my desk. Anyone else make their own caddies?
  14. This is Percy the Squirrel. He lives near one of my river carping spots and loves to eat all my corn and groundbait that falls to the ground.
  15. i watched this a few weeks ago might give it a whirl. Was trying to find a better way then using punches with a hammer and found leather hole punches on ebay. They rotate 6 different sizes, problem is they rotate from 1.5mm to 4.5mm which I don't think would be big enough larger streamers.
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