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  1. I started with dollar store hooks, my moms sewing thread, a pair of rusty scissors and feathers from the chickens, in hand tying only for about six months
  2. Perfect! Just built my new spey rod yesterday waiting for wraps to dry, ill be heading out in a week, will definetly post some pics too
  3. Although not all are flies, many are just used for roe, and some for trailers or insects as well
  4. Sadly yes, during bass and trout season at least one of the six of us is on the water everyday, last year between march and april we went through approximetly 3100
  5. Between the ones me and my brothers use and the ones I loose probably pretty close to that
  6. I just put in an ordder last friday, 5k salmon, 5k dry, 10k nymph,2k streamer. And that's just for myself not even for resale, should last a few months, probably reorder again in november
  7. Another gorgeous rod! I always get excited to see the pictures you post!
  8. Easier than that, flytyingandfishing.webs.com then go to blog, didn't realize that would be so long
  9. http://flytyingandfishing.m.webs.com/site/mobile?dm_path=%2F&fw_sig_tier=0&fw_sig_time=1397079563425&fw_sig_is_admin=0&fw_sig_social=1&fw_sig_api_key=522b0eedffc137c934fc7268582d53a1&fw_sig_url=http://flytyingandfishing.webs.com/&fw_sig=4a7480c8d3b018e8eefb0e002c8ec857&fw_sig_site=124267630&fw_sig_permissions=none&fw_sig_session_key=959f5df0ef8beb559412a05e747287c66da622bcfc15cf6279cefd63709671bc-124267630&fw_sig_permission_level=0&fw_sig_locale=en-US&fw_sig_premium=0&fw_sig_access_token=0858da8c49dc5086b905a1b6519e99405ec0e962&fb_sig_network=fw#1321. On my blog which desperetly needs an update, I think its either third or fourth post down
  10. Physically impossible, you always think you have enough... Then you go to tie that great pattern,and not a single one in that size
  11. Not sure about that exact pattern, what I do for red ants is melt a red steelhead bead to required size for body, then a small drop of it for head, then tie in some rubber legs and some dryfly hackle in between, just tie onto ur favorite dry hook, mine are between 16 and 22
  12. So this summer I may have the opportunity to live and work in terrace bc from the start of may to end of august, I was wondering what sorts of fishing opportunities are available, what types of flies and what wt rods to bring with me? Ill be bringing my fly tying stuff with me but I just wanted a general start to some patterns I should be tying before I head out there, any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  13. One out of twenty? I think that's giving them more credit then they deserve.... Their never around here... Well actually, their always at canadian tire with te brand new boat on the trailer but I doubt its ever hit the water
  14. Guys, you really shouldn't be rude about this, its an honest question and the search features arnt the easiest to use on this site, as well as on some systems they do not work properly, if its an actual question about flies/patterns we should be as helpful as we can and not criticize as we should be growing our sport and sharing it with others, I know if I asked a question and got this kind of response it would really tuen me off from wantoing to be involved with that community, so as long as its an honest question and not someone being an idiot saying you should all send me some of these flies and all the materials I need for all of my flies, I understand being rude in that kind of situation but if someones looking for help, especially in our community we should be as helpful as we possibly can, even if it means repeating ourselves.
  15. I use icelandic goat hair for all my larger clousers, I can get it from 12 to 18 inches long
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