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  1. My first fish on the swing.. Super stoked
  2. That is correct all the same drag system just with different quality a of metal/machining. Great reels. I have one I use with my single handed 8 wt. for pyramid lake. Which is salty sandy and alkaline. It has stood up great so far with just giving it a wash under tap water after each use.. Go American!
  3. Some synthetic clousers tied on stainless hooks. Making something durable for the mackinaw.
  4. Nice brownies crackle! Here's one of two mackinaw I caught off the shore of donner lake on Monday on a white estaz wooly worn usually used for pyramid lake..
  5. Hey Dan, very nice double articulated streamers. Any chance of get a materials list. I'd love to try it. Thanks, Miles
  6. Haha thanks, yeah that was the smaller one of the day my buddy got one about 12 pounds.. First time getting one on a fly, so much fun! They're so challenging, way more than trout.. I'll be going back out there again!
  7. Carping around in some urban waters.. .
  8. Dental dams? Haha, I didn't even know those where a real thing!
  9. Haven't posted in a while, been working an fishing.. Not so much tying. Here's a few from my day off. Some balanced leeches for pyramid lake, and a sz. 12 for general Lake stripping..
  10. Agreed, beautifully tied cream.. You coat your front of your head with something?
  11. Haven't posted in a while. Been pretty busy.. Here's a few bwo nymphs tied on a sz. 18 2488h tiemco.
  12. I have the same rod. Love it. On mine I have a lamson guru. Also love it. Mostly use it at pyramid lake. Although not saltwater, it is alkaline. It's done really well one some fish in the 10 pound range. It's made in Idaho and is in your price range. Just another idea
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