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  1. I am intigued by the base for the regal. It seems to have been repurposed from a dado cutter? I also liked the cockpit style tool and thread holders. That said I am also filling my boxes. So far three colors and sizes of lightning bugs, a variety of pheasant tails, some prince nymphs and psycho,princes, a couple dozen wooly buggers, a dozen sparkle minnows, some barely legals and sex dundeons including some triples which is a significant time investment and a host of others. I appreciate the post Mr. Knapp. A far cry from the rolltop kerfuffle.
  2. I left out A. K. Best for his work with Production fly tying and just because he was the original badass hardcore float tube guru, Del Canty, trophy trout fisherman and developer of Lunkerhunter float tubes
  3. So many great tyers. I think of Jack Dennis and Randall Kaufmann for putting together texts with photos that taught at least two generations how to tie flies that are still consistently effective. I think of Kelly Galloup and Blaine Chocklett for the huge advances in articulated streamers. Watch some Australians called Beastbrushes fir more in that vein Finally Charles Brooks for "tying in the round".
  4. I use samples of different color makeup brushes one sample oackage from your wifes favorite makeup counter at the department store. Very much like artist paint brushes but free
  5. I just purchased a couple sizes of Rainy's foam mouse bodies I have some ideas on how to use the but wonder if others have figured out some ways to tie with them Any ideas will be appreciated
  6. It seems to me that the term "best Regal knockoff" is oxymoronic
  7. I have used Wiss Quikclips for years now. Not that expensive and very handy They fit on your ring finger so you can tie without laying them down Highly recommend
  8. In no particular order: rio grande king trude style san juan worm purple haze psycho prince bead head prince lightning bug wooly bugger simulator(Kaufmann's) stimulator muddler minnow pheasant tail palomino midge I have boxes and boxes of these but I still keep tying them The muddler is an older pattern but it never fails on the Yellowstone.
  9. Trouthunter for sure. Especially the cdc puffs.
  10. Another nice pattern HammerCreek. The Fly Shack has by far the best variety of glass beads for this kind of fly. Well done.
  11. Three things: 1. Clint, what kind of law do you practice? 2. Thanks for being completely accurate instead of just holding forth. 3. Thanks to Mssrs. Saarinen and Thomson for the hilarious diversion. Those flies involve a lot more peril in the material gathering than any protected bird species.
  12. I was interested to note the use of the sparse dubbing between the ribbing for gills and I really liked the use of flash in the beard. Very nice tie. I would almost hate to fish it for fear of losing that much investment in time. You obviously have a passion for detail and creativity. Keep showing us "meat" tyers that there is a brighter, shining path.
  13. I have never written for general publication so thought I might offer a reader's perspective. Try NOT to write a detailed travelog of some local water. Half your readers will resent it because they think it is their private water. Try to not wax too eloquently about your topic ( ala Nijinsky from The River Why). You are obviously well read and posting here so there must be some passion about this sport, hobby,etc. Write about what you know and care about most with fishing or tying. Your passion on that should reflect itself in an interesting read for your audience. Above all have fun with it and appreciate the fact that you were asked to write. They must think you have something worthy to offer.
  14. Chimera was the name of a terrible virus in a Mission Impossible movie. Gamera was the Godzilla antagonist. If anyone ever watched those strange movies it was the flying spinning turtle with flames coming out the leg holes. Maybe THAT would be a good name for this one. Or...since it bears some resemblance to a Galloup pattern how about "kinky a' trois"?
  15. I am surprised that no one mentioned krystal flash. Makes a great back on a shrimp pattern as well.
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