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  1. A short video tying a jig called the John Benjamin with a nymph 'style' hook that is like candy to Delaware River brown trout. https://youtu.be/qJjta68z0Kc
  2. Nice Jigs! I like adding a Yamamoto Flappin Hog to the hair jigs.
  3. I show steps in tying a few different bucktail bass jigs.
  4. The maiden voyage with my new 2021 Native Watercraft Slayer Propel Max 12.5. Im on a local lake known for crappie - no crappie today, but a couple surprises.
  5. I couldn't get out this weekend, but did have some time to show how I add vinyl decals to the kayak.
  6. Maintenance for my Universal 2 vise
  7. I dont have molds for that but I am sure there must be or they can easily be made. Casting dumbell eyes would be simple.
  8. A short video casting jig heads Enjoy!
  9. 7 minutes of epoxy painting fun.
  10. Another video discussing permanent markers.
  11. The camera I got is an older model but new to me. Canon EOS M3. I wanted a small package with the three main things people are looking for to produce online content: flip-up screen, external mic, ability to swap lens. The M6 would have been a great choice but the budget favored the M3 - $300 vs $800. This test video used the internal microphones and sounds pretty good. I did purchase a Rode mic to use in the future. For lenses I most likely will stick with the 18-55mm kit lens though you will see in the video the focal point / depth is pretty small (as I hold the jig and move toward the camera and toward myself). I haven't spent much time in the camera settings and suspect I can adjust this internally - or just learn how to hold up a jig. My other tying videos we recorded with a Samsung HMX F90 which is an inexpensive, very basic, 10 year old camera I bought to record my kids high school sports And/Or a couple were made with a GoPro 7 Silver (this was too much fish eye for table top work). For editing everything I have done in the last couple years has been using Davinci 16. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvs8GX1GrpcL3d55NmPtssA/videos?view_as=subscriber
  12. A quick jig tying video trying out my new camera.
  13. I love the smell as it reminds me of dads tying rooms (plural). In the 60s my father was a production tyer and would process tons of bucktail and a bit of feathers dyeing and selling the materials wholesale. Moth Balls are necessary to deter bugs & rodents. Now in my 50s I continue with the jig business but purchase most of my tails from the typical places - I do however have bags of tails 50 - 100 count that I keep on hand throughout the year. I continue to use moth balls where I put a few around once a year and have only seen an issue once in a small single bag where cut worms would chew the skin of the bucktail and the hair would fall apart. My kids now joke about how my tying / storage area smells like moth balls but I am sure when Im dead and gone the smell will continue the good memories and time we had tying & fishing. All my fly tying materials which are much more costly are kept in ziplock bags in totes. I have never had a problem with bugs. Oh, and 50+ years of jigs the fish didnt seem to notice the smell.
  14. This is a short video of a simple dropper fly called an Ice Lice. We use this during ice season rigged 6"-12" above a jig or on a short line under a Kast Master. This works well during the summer months for suspended panfish.
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