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  1. I have one and was happy with it for five years or so, but it had a wobble I couldn’t fix. Tried replacing the washers, replaced the base with a heavier one, even used the clamp to secure the base to my desk. Finally figured out that the vise head had loosened from the aluminum post somehow. I never dropped it or anything, but chalked it up to something that I did wrong somehow. I saved up for a Peak rotary vise, and have been extremely pleased with it.
  2. Mudfish620


    I have to agree with DarrellP (Hail State). Bead chain eyes are the best option for shallow water gills. After I attach the eyes and make sure the superglue is dry, I like to use 200 grit sandpaper to file down the center of the eye where the wire was. Or you can ream out that hole with a bodkin. The sharp edges can nick your leader. I also use 800 grit sandpaper across the entire surface if I’m going to paint the eyes. Sometime a little chartreuse or hot orange can provoke strikes, or you can paint ‘em black for stealth. Here’s an inverted Crazy Charlie style mini Clouser I tie with bead chain for bream and crappie (small bass like it, too).
  3. Love this list. Well said and Hail State!
  4. How do you keep the tail in place? Can you show a close up pic of how it's tied in on the hook? Is the front and back tied together or separately? Thanks, I know it's been a while since the original post. Maybe someone else out there can help.
  5. Sorry I'm coming so late to the party, just found this topic. Great pics. Would also like to see some SBS instructions. Thanks!
  6. Orvis fly tying books by David Klausmayer have the best tips, but if youre just getting started, Id check out these two for newbie tips and tons of patterns: Simple Flies, by Morgan Lyle Step-by-step beginner fly tying, by Ryan Keyes They really sped up the learning curve for me. Hope this helps. Tight lines!
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