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  1. Boy those look handy. I've been using Jewelers pliers with two round Jaws and a board with 2 nails in it. It's a bit of a pain, but still easier than adding fish spines to my online shopping cart. Talk about overpriced. What diameter wire are you using?
  2. Counter wrapping hackle is common an any fly using the wire rib. The hackle isn't or doesn't need to be tied in by the thread. The wire is what's holding it in place. Common in wooly buggers too.
  3. Thicker to thinner line I like an improved Albright knot. Seguar is the only flourocarbon that has provided performance I like (sorry, these are recommendations based on spin gear tackle. I just use packages tapered leaders for fly fishing.)
  4. http://www.flyfisherman.com/gear-accessories/leaders/picking-the-perfect-fly-fishing-leader/ Article talking about a lot of different leader types.
  5. Unweighted bass worm game changers on home made shanks. Sz 4 B10s front hook sz 8 glow bug hook on the rear 4 segments each including the hooks.
  6. http://www.paflyfish.com/forums/Open-Forums/Gear-Talk/ZYZ-Reels/3,27749.html mixed reviews here.
  7. Erie PA has small streams with clear water. The fish have been averaging 4 it 6lbs or so in recent years with some up to 10 or so. I fish tippet between 3 and 6 lb and rarely break one off. If you're fishing Erie PA streams and breaking off 10 lb tippet there's either a technique or equipment problem, or your hooking them in the tail.
  8. Great idea for the antenna. I was planning on leaving the off, but that's certainly simple enough. Thanks!
  9. Looks cool, but heavy. Could maybe try tying it with about half the density of material?
  10. I use comparadun deer hair on mine. A few loose wraps up the wing keeps the flaring to a minimum. I tie more cdc and elks than ehcs. Denduke, I really like the CDC wing Caddis you posted. Is the wing just a few CDC feathers stacked and tied on top flat? How many? What water did he say those are good for? Slow I'm assuming?
  11. My local small lakes are way overpopulated with small largemouth. Almost impossible to find one over 11". I fish the beds with 0 guilt. Funny thing is, it's managed as a"big Bass lake"and you can't keep one under 15". I've been fishing there for 15 years and have seen 1 legal bass ever. Spawning around here doesn't start till around may or June.
  12. I've gotten into the sail cays plenty of times in SW Florida. Funny how your perspective changes. Here in SW PA if I had a day on channel catfish like I've had with those pesky sail cats I wouldn't quit bragging about it and have the neighbors all over for a fish fry! Somehow it's an incredible disappointment catching a dozen 3lb catfish one after the other in the salt, but would be amazing locally.
  13. What part of the Allegheny was that. It might be a spot for me to look into? I do like live bait from time to time. Kevin below lock 3, from a boat. I get them from shore as well though. But myself and lots of others catch them from the wv border on the mon, to the Ohio border on the Ohio River, up to at least lock 5 on the Allegheny. June has always been my best month for them.
  14. Never caught one on a fly. I know they eat bluegills suckers and Chubs. Biggest to date (40" Allegheny river about 1am) was on a 4 or 5 inch chub sitting on the bottom for a hour or two. I imagine you'd catch loads of incidentals before getting a Flathead.
  15. check out the body on a bi color nymph for your desired effect. Could have sworn the originator of the pattern was a member here and put up an sbs, darned if I can find it though.
  16. I enjoy tying the big stuff most. But having a a young son really limits my fishing time for now. Lately I just wanna catch something. The little stuff gets bites. So I'm trying to enjoy tying that as much as possible.
  17. Beautiful. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it. I'll keep working at it. On the plus side, with more practice I think the Congo hair may be a serviceable sub, provided the don't foul too much when cast. I'll try to work something a bit stiffer into the tail(buck tail, maybe dna Holo fusion fibers I already have) or maybe a mono anti foul loop on some just in case. Hate to order more synthetics for one pattern since I have so much variety around already. Again, thanks for all the info. Much appreciated. Hoping to throw some to dock light snook, trout, snapper and baby tarpon near my dad's place in Florida next time I head down for a visit (I'm in SW PA). I saw them munching loads of shrimp near the surface, mostly slowly swimming forward like this pattern. Can't wait to try it.
  18. The ones I'm seeing online and the one I found a video on show basically two tails (wings?). One goes half way down and on top, the other, full length and tied at the end. https://goo.gl/images/s1qu78 The body construction is what is most unclear to me. Mine came out pretty fugly. Did you just tie yours based off of pictures? Or did you have a source for tying instructions? I'm gonna try another one with less material in the tail. And maybe a dubbing body like yours, instead of the hackle and rubber legs, like the one I found on YouTube.
  19. First attempt. Any decent sbs out there for the supreme hair shrimp? Found one video, but it only really focused on the tail. I subbed Congo hair instead of supreme hair. Just used sharpie dots for eyes. I'm not thrilled. Opinions?
  20. Thanks, I'll give it a try. I like that it's a shrimp pattern that's not fleeing backwards. Should look like an easy target to predators.
  21. I have extra select and a few patches from the craft store(Brown, black, white). The craft store stuff is perfectly fine if your tying flies about 2"and under. Easier to find better colors in the extra select from the fly shop though.
  22. I'm not familiar with supreme hair. Think ep fibers(Congo hair) would be an ok sub for this pattern?
  23. From full site reply. Yep, don't like the thumbnail either.
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