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  1. got mine as well sorry i didn't post I received them; thanks for the swap. great flies gents.
  2. Hey Dubs sending mine out tomorrow. sorry they are late. Had them ready to go but got sidetracked with a transmission that delayed the sending. i can not catch a break this year.
  3. thanks Mr. T. I really enjoy getting your critique. its the only way to improve my tying. the lower body is a turkey tail feather wrapped, there is no tinsel on the fly. BB thanks again for the kind words and also for the critique. Thanks again for the swap I've really enjoyed this!!
  4. guys i included some extras that i tied , i didnt toe tag them. JJ, thats a spearing pattern i have a lot of success with enjoy.
  5. all good bro . did yours arrive yet? thanks for the Pics Salty... i appreciate it.
  6. should have gotten them already. no worries i got plenty. ill send them tomorrow. if the other set comes just keep them or give them out. they are a set of estaz eggs and stoneflies. ill send a set of milked eggs and some scuds . send your address again to make sure i have it right.
  7. Thats makes sense ....good tip.
  8. First and foremost I hope your surgery goes well and pray a speedy recovery. secondly, I agree with you, flats tied a nice fly. Finally : I TOLD YOU the flies i was receiving were really good....
  9. THat would be great JJs89yj . I 'm not very puter savvy and everytime i try it frustrates me more...
  10. i will... but I 'd rather have you in school making yourself into a better citizen....Btw get a smaller box for shipping, that suitcase you sent was ridiculous!!
  11. Thats awesome Bob, keep me in mind for next year. I'm in.
  12. shaving hooks? what kind of razors do you use?
  13. hmmmm. sounds shady , you only had three points to start with my friend....still three more than what i have presently.
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