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  1. @Flat Rock native Thanks for the kind words. When you mention Abe's my mind goes immediately to their restaurant. I thought the food was very good. I planned on being their last month. If interested you can peruse this webpage. I haven't even broken my GoPro camera out of its box. Take care.
  2. @Silver Creek You are not wrong. I fully agree that I should have used stronger tippet material for a #10 hook.
  3. @pickin6ofem Thanks for your comments. Man, I have to say that fly fishing seems like a wonderful dream I once had. I want to get back out there so-o bad. I hope this confinement madness ends soon. My heart goes out to those American's who have lost their jobs and all that goes with that. I pray some good will come of this. Yes, I agree, I should have used stronger tippet material for #10 hooks. As I noted, using big buggy flies was not something I had ever done on that river. I will admit to using grasshopper style flies, but that was a long time ago. Ninety-nine percent of the time I use midges, BWO's or other similar flies tied to #22-#26 hooks fastened to a 6x tippet. I must have used that green matuka out of desperation or something. I am much wiser after this 'big bug' experience. The SJR is indeed a phenomenal but challenging river. Hopefully you will make it back in the near future. Take care.
  4. @Flat Rock native This all happened a while back, but I think I loaded the ugly bug on the 6x tippet I was using for midges not really believing that any self-respecting bow would actully strike such an ugly fly. I was wrong. I completely agree that a #10 hook should be tethered to at least 5X tippet material. And, at about that same time the 6x tippet material I was using was breaking on me just tieing it to my leader. Later that day Jay (of Abe's) told me he just trashed a spool of 6x (same brand) for the same reasons. Whether this was in this same time frame I am not certain. I hope we will all be able to get back on the water in the coming days or weeks. I wonder if the fish miss us? Probably not ...
  5. @KevinD62 HOLY COW! I got not one by TWO NOTIFICATIONS from this forum today. What's going on here??? Haven't gotten one of those in years. Great work guys! Sorry, Kevin, but little things like that get me really excited. Ha! Glad to hear you did well on your journey to my favorite river. I returned to the SJ about a week after I began this thread but drew a blank. For two whole days. But I was taught an invaluable lesson by one of the fly shop reps. When I told him of my plight he asked if I had checked the water temp for those two days. I admitted I had not. Then he pulled up the USGS Water Resources website. On both days that I fished the water temp was below 40 degrees to which he added, "That explains why the fish were not cooperating on those days. The water was too cold which affected their metabolism." On my previous trip the water never dipped below 40 degrees and I had great fishing. Lesson learned. I have always wondered about the water you fished abover the bridge, but have never tried it. My favorite part of the river is just below the Munoz parking area. I have lost way more fish than I have netted there. I think one reason that I like this area is that the fish have a lot of room to run when hooked. Can't wait to get back out there. Although my plate is full at the moment, I have been wondering if a return trip is even possible with all the Wuhan-virus madness that has gripped this country and the world. I will call Abe's tomorrow and have a chat with Jay to see if they are open. In my book Abe's would rate as an 'ESSENTIAL' business, but that's just wishful thinking .... Hopefully someone will pick up, or not. Either way I'll have my answer. Thanks for posting your fishing experience. Savor the memories.
  6. Good point. That could be it. Thanks.
  7. I hear you loud and clear on the hook snagging issue, even after the fish has been released. One thing I wish for is that the rubber would have been black and not translucent. The fish I caught seemed to be frightened of this net that I never noticed when using the old black mesh net. Thanks.
  8. My old fishing net came with a very shallow 8" net, so I decided to try and improve on that. I purchased a Fishpond clear rubber net which had a 12" depth, but that would correct only one of my net issues. The other was the shortness of the handle. I decided to improve on that as well. The circumference of my net was approximately 39" and this Fishpond net worked just fine. This is my handle extension 'kit'. I used oak for this because of its toughness. I added two brass pins to keep the handle from twisting. The new fish net. Pros: The depth of the new net makes a huge difference especially when fishing the San Juan River where the trout can get quite large. The longer handle is a definite improvement. Cons: The rubber net is a lot heavier than the old woven fabric material. I had to purchase a larger magnet to keep the net secured. Stringing the new net took quite a bit of time, but that is probably to be expected. I wrapped the rubber net loops with 550 para cord to prevent the thin braid from cutting it. Overall, I think the work was well worth the effort. Thanks!
  9. Got'me! Thanks, fixed. Darn, I just knew you might need some nice wire. Ha!
  10. I tried to give this wire away a year or so ago and everyone put their nose up at me, but I don't give up so easily. I have quite a bit of this wire left over from my previous life (occupation) and I cannot possibly use it all so I would like to send it to whomever needs it. All I ask is that you: Send me a PM I will reply with my physical address Please send me a self-addressed stamped envelope I will return your envelope with several 12" strands of twisted silver wire Done! Here are some photos of the wire. I will be 'Gone fishin' for a week or so beginning this coming Monday - 3 FEB 2020, and should be home by the 7th or the 8th and will load up your envelopes then. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! I have to tie a few more before I head back to the river.
  12. Yep, I know. No photo of the beautiful hen rainbow. But, I have redesigned my vest so I can take some photos. I'm headed back up there on Sunday/Monday. I may stay home and watch the Super Bowl, or ... I may leave early and not worry about it. We Patriot fans don't have a horse in the race, so why watch right? Kidding, I'm just kidding. Haha! I have some new flies just in case the BWO's show up again and they probably will. Will report from the river or when I get home. Thanks for dropping by.
  13. If you recall from an earlier post, I noted that on this trip I netted my personal best ever trout. I have a plan to take photo when I return in a few days. I will keep you posted from the river, time permitting. Thanks!
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