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  1. Last night's Bugs & Bourbon Caddis on the menu ala Rene Harrop. Caddis pupa Hook: size 16 Thread: Uni 8/0 olive Abdomen: caddis green goose biot, notch down Thorax: blackish brown CEN dubbing Legs: black CDC fibers ------------ Henry's Fork Caddis Hook: size 16 Abdomen: olive goose biot, notch up Wing: med gray dun CDC feathers, paired Over wing: brown Hun back feather fibers Hackle: Whiting grizzly dyed dun Thorax: peacock herl.
  2. I received my tiny swap flies today. What a treat that was. To all who participated and particularly to Nick who coordinated the whole shebang I say a hearty thank you and great job.
  3. @chugbug27, there's always great stuff here. It's actually quite inspiring. Thanks, the ants were from last night's B&B. Next week, who knows?
  4. Last night's Bugs and Bourbon. Mike's honey ant. From Mike Lawson of Henry's Fork Anglers, a pretty darn cool shop. Hook: size 16 standard dry fly Thread: Uni 8/0 olive Abdomen: copper sow scud dubbing Legs: root beer crystal flash Wing: Dark dun Z-lon Thorax: rusty brown Australian possum dubbing. @Moshup, @niveker, et. al. Such nice work as usual!
  5. You're cracking me up. Probably the second one too
  6. No kidding. I gotta find some new friends
  7. Plus he'd have seen right through me. 😁
  8. Yep, that's what I use. Last week at Bugs and Bourbon my buddy's hackle plier rubber tip cover came off. I broke out the heat shrink tubing and a lighter, 2 minutes later he was good to go and thought using the shrink tubing was a great idea. Unfortunately I couldn't take credit for the idea.
  9. @SBPatt, I fish loop dubbed deer hair hackle caddis. I find if you trim the bottom flat they sit much better on the water. $.02
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