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  1. I'll get my Christmas swap flies out today if that's not too late. Let me know please


  2. No, I wish I was though. I thought the fly would be a good pattern to practice improving my oh so limited skills with.
  3. Thanks for that head's up. Great site
  4. I thought this BWO would kill it yesterday but, alas, I didn't see a single riser all day. Hook: TMC100 size 24 Thread : Veevus 16/0 olive Post: med dun Z-lon Tail: med Pardo CDL Abdomen/thorax: Nature's Spirit fine natural dubbing, baetis Hackle: unique variant dyed olive [edit] Excellent work everyone![/edit]
  5. Very nice flytire. When I tie em in 24, 26 like this one, or smaller I like to add a post for increased visbility on the water.
  6. @chugbug27Not rude at all, IMHO. Mr. Lucas sure does know his s###. Glad it was of use.
  7. Don't drink that spritzer!
  8. @chugbug27 This isn't a specific answer but there's ton's of info here: http://ronnlucassr.com/SALFLYER/index.html
  9. First attempt. Next one will have the topping and tail even, the wings set a bit better and a smaller head. Criticisms always welcome. Also posted in November flies, but I think here is more appropriate.
  10. An attempt at Snowies #2 for the Brora. (if I only had something more appropriate for the horns)
  11. @Moshup Beauty pattern!!! Macaw, eh? And kingfisher. Que raro.
  12. Thanks. From one dyna-king guy to another. I can't take credit for the pattern. I stole it from an old Mustad catalog chugbug27 posted
  13. I have no idea what you mean.😎
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