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  1. Sandan

    Fish Pictures

    Thanks. Classic river for dry fly fishing. Love it up there. We fished the Teton River one day too. One of the most gorgeous rivers I've fished. Nice 'bows and native cutts in it.
  2. Sandan

    Fish Pictures

    Henry's Fork rainbow from last week. 23". Size 18 rusty quill parachute.
  3. Very nice. Keep that little trooper trooping on!
  4. If only I could remember that when I'm at the fly shop
  5. My fave non-trad materials, probably McFlylon and standard Z-lon. Wings, posts, shucks, tails, wing cases, legs, chironomid pupa gills, etc. The stuff is pretty versatile
  6. "Anything else and you’re just a hoarder." I have lots of different color necks and saddles. I use each and every one of them. Substituting is AOK, of course. I do agree with the rest of what you said.
  7. Can't keep a good man down!
  8. I can attest to it also. They still catch fish.
  9. Just go for it. You know how to get to Carnegie Hall don't you? Without taking a taxi.
  10. Steve I'm living vicariously through your pictures and commentary. I'm jealous of the great time you're obviously having.
  11. Dang George, that's a real beauty
  12. I'm gonna stop in at Henry's Fork Anglers and see if I can a Mike Lawson tied couple as models.
  13. That's a beauty. Charlie Craven also says it's a bear to tie.
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