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  1. A few size 18 PMDs. CDC biot cripple: Rene Harrop pattern Tilt wing dun. And a Catskill style.
  2. @Silver Creek, that's a realy nice hex tie. We don't get those here in CO. Green and gray drakes are our biggest. 10's and 12s usually.
  3. Thanks, I like yours too. I'm thinking the next few I tie I'm going to use wing coverts from a rooster pheasant for the wing. Tail and body, not sure. Maybe the chickabou maybe the filoplume as @Silver Creek mentioned, maybe some marabou. I'll take a look through my feathers. Sub-ing materials is always a fun time (seriously). I'm going to put that fly to the test tomorrow.
  4. @SilverCreek that was very educational. Thank you
  5. I use Loon Aquel and it works fine on my kapok dubbed flies
  6. Tabou Caddis Emerger. Steve Schweitzer Hook: TMC 2312 size 16 Thread Gray-brown UTC 70 denier Ribbing 3X mono Body/Tail Whiting farms Chickabou feather, tan Wing Brahma Hen Soft-Hackle medium dun Head excess trim from soft-hackle feather
  7. Thank you sir. Appreciate it.
  8. Tak's Split Wing Caddis. Rick Takahashi pattern. He tied one for me at a show a while back. Hook: U203 Thread: Olive 8/0 Uni Tail: Amber antron tied sparsely Abdomen/Thorax: Caddis green superfine Wing: Premium yearling elk tied sparsely. Cut out the middle of the wing.
  9. Charlie Craven's Fat Angie. Hook: Dai Ichi 1167 size 18 Thread: Red Uni 8-0 Foam: 2mm black Abdomen/Thorax: Rusty brown Superfine Legs: Black round rubber Wing: Tan macramé yarn and UV blue Ice ripple fiber Hackle: Dark barred ginger (cause that's what I had handy)
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