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  1. Very impressive. You have a LOT more patience than I do. Madeira Glamour metallic threads are a bit more expensive than hanks but a lot less prep time. Personally I'm still a fan of using what I need at the time rather than splitting the whole hank. YMMV of course.
  2. Cut for brevity. How long a length do you need to use for how many flies you're going to tie? Me, if I'm going to use say 6" of yarn, I'll cut an 8" length. That way I have enough to hold while in wrapping. Are you talking something like this? Cause that looks like it'll be a real bear to pick out individual strands, but I'd use the point of my bodkin to pick out the strands. The shorter the length the easier I think it'll be to pick
  3. I wanna say the only leader formula you'll ever need but.... http://www.garyborger.com/2012/05/09/uni-body-to-harvey-style-leader/ @chugbug27 As to casting a 3 fly rig, I do that quite often as we can legally fish 3 flies. First slow things down a bit so your loops are open. Tight loops spell tangles with a capital "T". What helps me open my loops is the way I hold my rod. Rather than having my index finger pointing up the grip (towards the tip of the rod, I hold the rod more like a hammer, not tight but my thumb and index finger are around the grip. Bio-mechanically when your index finger points up the grip it inhibits wrist action which is usually a good thing, but that results in tighter loops. "Wrapping" does just the opposite. Watch out for tailing loops cause that's gonna tangle you right up. Bottom line, just open up your loops. If your chucking 3 nymphs and weight use a Belgian or oval cast. Keeps constant tension on your line.
  4. Very nice thing to do Norm. I'm not surprised
  5. A generic mayfly nymph tied BWO Hook: tiemco's new 201R 2xl nymph hook size 20 Tail: mallard flank Abdomen: goose biot dyed BWO Wingcase: brown Swiss straw. Thorax: Olive rabbit dubbing Legs: hun body fibers. A dab of loon thin UV on the wingcase to finish it off.
  6. No problem.Is there such a thing as too many gadgets?
  7. Put a bit of flexament, just a tiny bit, on the pad of your thumb and index finger. Pull the split nails through and the splits work will be fixed.
  8. The smaller one looks exactly like the Gamakatsu B10S I have. Mine is a 6 and it's an inch long. I use it mostly as a stinger for articulated streamers.
  9. My pleasure. I saw your post last night but was too wrapped up in my book......
  10. Some really nice tying so far this month. My hat is off to all of you. Here's a hopper that I twisted up. A little odd this a little odd that. Hook: Size 10 2x long Underbody: hopper yellow floating polypro yarn, twisted tight. Overbody: tan fly foam 2mm. Cut about the width of the hook gape Kickers: knotted, what a pain, pheasant tail fibers Under-underwing, yellow Krystal flash Underwing: hopper yellow web wing Wing: select cow elk Legs: chartreuse and black barred Head: extension of the body.
  11. Dental Miller articulating paper tweezers. I asked my dentist/dental hygienist. She gave em to me. You can also find em on the interwebs for like 8 or 9 bucks. The jaws on these are 2.25" usable length.
  12. Two renditions on a size 16 U202. One with mottled peacock wing fibers and the other with ostrich herl, stripped on one side. Next up one of my favorites. A Gartside Hopper.
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