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  1. Count me in probably for a wingless Adams variant. I am however a little dismayed that you have not received the nymph submission yet. Serves me right for procrastinating.
  2. I mailed mine today. For anyone who is interested, the recipe for my Caddisfly Larva is: - Wet fly hook (actually Daiichi 1530) - 6/0 thread (Brown Uni) - 6 to 7 turns of 0.15 lead free wire - Australian Possum dubbing in golden olive for the body - Australian Possum dubbing in brown for the head - Chartreuse colored copper wire ("Brassie" size) for the rib It is mostly following a pattern by Tim Flagler. This is a bad picture of a prototype. The final flies had brown instead of black "heads":
  3. I was one of the ones who wanted in during the first swap. Count me in with the Partridge and Orange.
  4. Keep the extra flies, one can never have enough Woolly Buggers. Mine may not be pretty, but I am not sure if the trout care!
  5. A mess? What are you talking about! Looks perfectly organized to me. I am not kidding!
  6. I plan to send you a "simple" caddisfly larva, from Paul Fling's and Donald Puterbaugh's "The Basic Manual of Fly-Tying" book, or a close variation on it. BTW, in all honesty, I think I belong more in the beginner section of this swap. Thanks.
  7. Ah yes, of course; THE whip capital of the world! Much to my surprise, there is actually still a whip manufacturer left in Westfield. Westfield Whip; the last one standing!
  8. Looking at the latest edition of Leiser's book, he lists Universal Vise, even listing a website for them! Sadly, it is no longer valid. Turns out they were based in the next town over from me! Anybody have any info regarding the company, and the company's history? When did they go out of business? Thanks.
  9. The second in the series - Nymphs Swap - is now posted and, as promised, you are first on the list.  Let me know your pattern.  If there is a change just let me know - this is a swap NOT a contract! :)


  10. Sparkle Dun. Here tied on a size 10 hook since I still struggle with spinning deer hair and with the proportions on this fly. I really hate spinning deer hair, meaning, so far, I stink at it! It does not show well on the pictures, but the deer hair "wings" on this fly are fairly asymmetrical. I found the fly (commercially tied) to be quite productive this morning, so I had to try! Any input or feedback is welcome.
  11. Variant of an Art Flick Dun Variant. The tail and hackle look very pale in the photos, but they are in fact (dyed) medium dun.
  12. Variant of the Art Flick Cream Variant..........Or as I like to think of it a Light Cahill Variant.
  13. Woolly Bugger. Is the hackle on this fly a little too extravagant/oversized?
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