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  1. Of all the websites I browse on a daily basis this is the only site where I have this problem. The ONLY one.
  2. Hi Guys, I am not especially fond of tying with deer hair, but so many of the flies I fish use deer hair. I am always interested in tools/techniques that makes tying with deer hair (or anything similar) easier and/or less of a mess. Anybody use the Kelly Galloup stacker? Does the Loon hinged Zippy stacker work as well or just differently all together? Thanks! G
  3. Hi Guys, Reinvigorating this thread a tad bit. Besides FE, are there any other vendors who sell cape/neck feathers in small batches (of great quality). I don't have a need to buy several hundred dollars in full capes/necks. I tie just for my own needs. TIA! G
  4. Anybody here have a stack of old Northwest Fly Fishing magazines? I am looking for the Spring 2000 edition. Please PM me if you would like to sell me the copy.
  5. Guys, I am looking to increase the float factor with my Dave's Hoppers. I have seen a few images of with them tied with foam versus yellow yarn. Can somebody steer me in the right direction for a good foam and if possible the technique for tying it in? Thanks Much!!
  6. Hi Guys, Planning a little road trip from Utah to Idaho to fish some rivers and streams in or near the Frank Church area. Was going to tie a bunch of hoppers/x-caddis/Wulff patterns. What else should I tie? (Surface or sub-surface) Speaking of hoppers: is there any material for the wings and legs that is less brittle, but at the same time doesn't lend to sinking the fly? I have been using Hard as Nails on my Dave's hoppers. I feel like it makes the wing case too brittle. Thanks for the tips/pointers! Cheers
  7. Hi Guys, What type/materials of fly body dubbing tends to be the most hydrophobic (resistance to water logging)? TIA! G
  8. Good Morning Guys, Looking for some storage solution for various tying materials. The old Plano tackle box I've been using is just too limiting. Any ideas/suggestions for flat plastic trays that are modular? Preferably, something that can be customized in terms of internal trays? TIA! G
  9. Wow, thanks guys! Lot's of options here.
  10. Hi Guys, Looking for some suggestions for a decent solution for hook organization. Preferably, boxes that can be found on Amazon P. Most of my hooks range in size from 20 to 2/0. TIA, G
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