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  1. Hi Guy's, Have an opportunity to fish for grayling coming up and was wondering about fly design with color as one of the elements. With respect to colors and an attractor dry fly do grayling have a penchant for any particular color? Thanks Much! G
  2. Predominately angus cattle in my stomping grounds
  3. HI Guys, the shops that have tying supplies that I frequent almost never have any patches of white calf hair (for Wulff wings) available. Calf hair is one of those materials that I would rather look over before buying. But, since I have nothing to look over because nothing is ever in stock; I need to order online. Who is your preferred online vendor for calf hair where you can get reasonably good patch? Kind Regards, G
  4. Of all the websites I browse on a daily basis this is the only site where I have this problem. The ONLY one.
  5. Hi Guys, I am not especially fond of tying with deer hair, but so many of the flies I fish use deer hair. I am always interested in tools/techniques that makes tying with deer hair (or anything similar) easier and/or less of a mess. Anybody use the Kelly Galloup stacker? Does the Loon hinged Zippy stacker work as well or just differently all together? Thanks! G
  6. Hi Guys, Reinvigorating this thread a tad bit. Besides FE, are there any other vendors who sell cape/neck feathers in small batches (of great quality). I don't have a need to buy several hundred dollars in full capes/necks. I tie just for my own needs. TIA! G
  7. Guys, I am looking to increase the float factor with my Dave's Hoppers. I have seen a few images of with them tied with foam versus yellow yarn. Can somebody steer me in the right direction for a good foam and if possible the technique for tying it in? Thanks Much!!
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