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  1. great looking stuff, and that's where I fish
  2. Yes , we need a recipe for that one. I’ve been looking for something just like that. Looks great.
  3. Just found it on a map. I see that it is land locked. Almost drove by it when I drove the Alaska highway many moons ago . Hung a left before I got there and headed to Anchorage
  4. cool, what type of the salmon? is the lake land locked?
  5. Mark, Are those stocked fish? Looks like a great time. Thanks for sharing.
  6. clouser minnow 1/0 hook stainless white buck tail body pearl Krystal flash dumbbell eye white utc 140 thread
  7. happiness is a fly box full of beautiful flies you tied yourself, very nice!
  8. You are correct. I found the calf tail to be a little more fore giving. here’s a question - I found trying to get consistent wing sizes harder than actually working with wing material. Anyone have any tips? Other than just more experience/practice, don’t worry to much about it the fish don’t care. It’s really just there to help you see the fly better right?
  9. I just tied about 20 and used calf tail. I had some calf body hair but found it harder to work with than tail in my opinion. I wanted to stay with a natural material. Try whatever you want and see what you like the best. As was said before the fish don't care.
  10. Salmo Sebago (another from flytires blog) hook- size 4 streamer/limerick 3xh/7xl Thread - black tail- red and white buck tail ribbing - silver oval tinsel body - flat silver tinsel throat- yellow saddle hackle fibers wing - white buck tail and peacock herl
  11. Jim’s Gem (copied from flytires blog) hook- mustad size 6 streamer/limerick 3xh/7xl thread- black tag - silver tinsel flat tail- yellow saddle hackle fibers ribbing - silver tinsel flat body- black chenille Throat- white schlappen fibers wing - white buck tail
  12. Thanks, The head on each one is at a different step. I'm using regular head cement initially and then building up a head with Sally Hansen hard as nails(couple coats). I'm trying the Sally Hansen for the first time. I like it so far. Especially the looks I got from the women at target when I was trying to find it in the cosmetic section.
  13. Thanks for all the kind words for my black ghost marabou earlier. I tied a couple more and I’m looking for some constructive critiques. Below are the three I have tied in order. I think my third one is the best. Tinsel doesn’t look to busy, head is decent and body is pretty even. My second one I don’t like the head and I think I did too many tinsel wraps. What do you guys think? I know the fish don’t care but I do. thanks
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